50 Mind Blowing Psychological Facts About Love That Will Make You Think Twice

Psychological Facts About Love

Here are 50 Mind-Blowing Psychological Facts About Love that will make you think twice the next time you are in a relationship. Being in love is a wonderful feeling, having a person in your life who loves you unconditionally is even better. That being said, finding a genuine relationship nowadays can be daunting which is why you need to watch out for signs.

Knowing the signs that your partner is really in love with you will help you decide if he or she is worth sacrificing for. One of the worst feelings in life is to give your heart to someone wholly and solely only to find out later that he or she was not the right one for you. Remember that your time is the most valuable thing in your life so don’t waste it cause you will never get it back.

 Psychological Facts About Love

50 Mind-Blowing Psychological Facts About Love

If you are still sitting on the fence and trying or wondering you should take the plunge, the following love facts will help you make a decision!

1. Longer Than 4 Months

To have a crush on someone is very common but can disappear in a twinkle of an eye. With that being said, a crush that lasts more than 4 months is a sign that you are in love. Ask your partner how long he or she had a crush on you!

2. 20 Second Hugs

Did you know that hugging a person for 20 seconds or more releases a chemical in your body known as “Oxytocin”? This chemical, once released can make you trust a person more. Try hugging your partner for more than 20 seconds and see if he or she will last!

3. Laughing Together

Did you know that if you and your partner are able to laugh together for at least 10 minutes per day it makes your relationship stronger? Try to make your partner laugh and see if he or she is interested!

4. Jealousy

Studies show that people who are in love tend to get jealous over very stupid things. That being said, some people just don’t have a jealous vein in their body. What’s your situation?

5. 1 Year Love

Did you know that romantic love only lasts for a year? After that, get ready for attachment love, this is when romance jumps out the window and attachment take the steering! How long has your’s lasted? Is romance still present?

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6. Telling Friends

Did you know that being in love with someone makes you want to shout it out for the whole world to hear it? Yes, when someone is in love they will want friends and family to know about it. See if your partner told their friends about you!

 Psychological Facts About Love

7. Holding Hands

Holding the hands of someone you love can help relieve stress, pain, and anxiety! Hold your partner’s hand and see both of you feel anything!

8. 3 Day Anger

It is impossible to be in love with someone and stay angry at them for more than 3 days. If you or your partner stays angry for more than 3 days, it means that love is gone!

9. Not Interested

Studies show that when you love someone, you will always want to call, text, or check upon them. If you are always the first one to call, text, or check up on your partner, it means that he or she is not interested in you.

10. Heart Rate

Looking in the eyes of someone you love will synchronize your heart rate. That is if you both love each other. Go carry out a test ASAP!

11. 3-5 Months

Studies show that most relationships tend to last for 3 to 5 months and then a breakup happens. If you and your partner are still going strong after 5 months, you may have something special going on! How long have you both been together?

12. Face To Face

Women will feel loved when they have a face to face conversation with their partner while men will see stars speaking to their partner side by side. Does she look at your face to face? Does he speak to you side by side?

13. Natural Pain Reliever

Studies show that hugging or cuddling with someone you love can actually help you get rid of headaches or pain in less than 4 hours. This is due to a chemical called oxytocin. See if cuddling or hugging your hubby relieves your stress levels.

14. Stress

Did you know that if you only look at the picture of someone you love, you will reduce stress levels in your body? Similar to relieving pain, the love hormone oxytocin is to blame for this reaction in the body. Trying looking at your partner and see if it reduces stress!

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15. Similarity

Research shows that if two people are too similar to each other or too different from each other, they cannot contain a healthy relationship. A lasting relationship requires both parties to have opposite ways. Do you and your crush have opposite ways?

16. Love Is Like OCD

Studies show that at the beginning of a romantic relationship, people tend to have low levels of a hormone known as serotonin, and high levels of cortisol. Serotonin increases happiness and cortisol releases a stress hormone. When both hormones are present in the body, the person in love will begin to act out of character similar to OCD ( obsessive-compulsive disorder ).

17. Caring, Intimacy & Attachment

Science claims that a long-lasting love or real love consists of 3 things, caring for one another, being attached to each other, and having an active intimate relationship. Are the 3 factors of a long-lasting relationship present in yours?

18. Butterflies

When you love someone you will actually feel like there are real butterflies in your stomach! This is caused by adrenaline, which is active in the body when love is present. Are you actually feeling butterflies when he or she is around?

19. Dilated Pupils

Maybe you have heard the term that the eyes are the window to the soul well, it’s also true for someone in love! According to this study, the pupils actually dilate when you focus or look at someone you desire or truly love. Take a look into your partner’s eyes and see if they will dilate!

20. Decreased Appetite

Did you know that being in love actually decreases your appetite for food? Yep! When you are in love, your body releases 2 love hormones known as dopamine and norepinephrine which makes you feel happy all the time. When this happens, you may lose interest in foods and sometimes even sleep. Are you losing sleep and eating less?

21. Changed Personality

Suddenly craving certain movies, food, or activities? Blame it on the love fever! Being in love changes everything about you, you may find yourself suddenly wanting to eat certain foods, watching certain types of movies, or even taking better care of yourself. What has changed for you or your partner?

22. Love Is Blind

Ever heard the phrase “love is blind”? Well, it’s true! When someone is in love, love hormones switch off the neural pathway that is responsible for bad or negative emotions. One of those emotions is social justice, this means that love know’s no color or appearance it is totally blind!

23. Love Makes You Sick!

Studies show that being in love actually releases a stress hormone known as cortisol, when this happens, your immune system has to work harder to fight off common illnesses. In some cases, being lovesick can make it impossible to carry out everyday tasks. Have you or your partner ver felt lovesick?

24. Can’t Resist Chocolate

Chocolate contains a love hormone called Phenylethylamine, it is what makes people fall deeply in love. If you are in deep love, you will find that you can’t resist the urge to eat chocolate as often as possible! Been eating chocolate lately?

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25. Love Make’s You Stupid

Studies show that when someone is in love, arousal causes part of the brain that is responsible for making rational decisions, thinking clearly, behaving correctly, and even self-awareness! That is why you see people doing stupid things when they are in love! Any stupid action lately?

26. Love Is Addictive

Did you know that falling in love is like being on cocaine? Yep! Studies show that falling in love actually stimulates 12 areas of the brain which creates a euphoric effect on you! Been feeling high lately?

27. Eyes

Did you know that staring into someone’s eyes for up to 30 seconds can actually make them fall in love with you? As much as it sounds creepy, you may want to test it out yourself! Does your partner look you straight in the eye?

28. I Love You

Studies show that men actually say “I Love You” much faster than women! Who said “I love you” first?

29. Vein Of Love

Long ago, ancient Greeks believed that the left hand and fourth finger contain the vena Amoris which is known as the vein of love! This is why engagement and wedding rings are worn on that finger.

30. Longer Courtship

Research shows that couples have longer courtship have a better chance of a longer life or relationship together. The shorter the courtship the more your chances of splitting up! How long was your courtship?

Psychological Facts About Love

31. 7 Times

Science predicts that people often fall in love up to 7 times before they actually meet the right partner. How many times have you been in love?

32. Kissing Makes You Live Longer

Apparently, science predicts that men who kiss their wives or partner every morning make them live 5 years longer! Do you kiss your partner every morning?

33. Less Productive

Studies show that when people are in love, they tend to become less productive because love is all they think about! Are you less productive?

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34. Soulmates

Did you know that over 52% of married women worldwide claim that their husbands are not their soulmates? This is really sad! Spending a lifetime with someone you do not love!

35. Sleeping Naked

Studies show that couples who sleep naked have longer-lasting relationships than those who don’t. Also if one person sleeps naked while the other doesn’t, it shows who loves the most in the relationship. Who sleeps naked?

36. Crying

If your partner cries with you when you are in pain, he or she will never leave you!

37. 48 Hours

Not talking, seeing, or texting someone you love for 48 hours can actually make you feel physically sick.

38. Eye Contact

If a guy likes a girl, he will look her straight in the eye while if a girl likes a boy, she will look away! How is it in your situation?

39. Opposite Sex

According to some psychologists, it is not possible for human beings to be just with someone of the opposite sex.

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40. Attraction

When it comes to long-term relationships, an attractive face will always win, but for someone looking for a fling or a one night stand will prefer an attractive body. Are you attractive?

41. Keep Your Loved Ones Close

If you love someone, keep them really close because if you let them get close to someone else, it can increase feelings and emotions. This can cause you to lose a healthy relationship.

42. Frustration Attraction

If you are in a relationship where your partner was dumped or you dumped someone before starting your present relationship, think twice! When people are dumped or heartbroken, they tend to get have frustration attraction which can cause getting involved with the wrong person. This type of relationship will never last.

43. Parental Resemblance

Studies show that people tend to fall in love or have a healthy long-term relationship with someone who looks or smells like their parent! Ask your partner if you look or smell like his or her parent!

44. Copying

If you copy the way a person talks or acts symbolizes that love is in the making!

45. Posing

Is he posing or flexing his muscles when you are around? If he is then it means that he finds you attractive! Studies show that men tend to make themselves look taller or stronger when an attractive woman is around.

46. Success

Studies show that people in a thoughtful and reliable relationship tend to succeed in whatever they do because of a supportive partner.

47. Healthy Heart

According to this study, people in love have a 12% chance of having a healthier heart than those who don’t.

48. Honesty

Research shows that when honesty is present in a relationship, that relationship tends to last longer. Is there honesty in your relationship?

49. Lowers Blood Pressure

This study shows that being in love actually reduces high blood pressure or the chances of getting hypertension. This is because love causes happiness and happiness reduces stress levels

50. World’s Longest Marriage

According to the Guinness world records, the world’s longest marriage lasted for 86 years! Isn’t that amazing?


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Psychological Facts About Love

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