8 Very Funny Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend

Funny Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend

It’s quite normal to run out of things to say after being in a relationship for a while! You are not alone. If you are just trying to make your sweetheart laugh when the both of you are together, you are one of the sweet ones yourself! Whatever your reason, here are 8 funny things to talk about with your girlfriend to make her laugh!

Being in love makes life feel soo much more exciting and interesting, having someone that loves you equally in return is rare and a complete blessing. Having fun with the love of your life is such an amazing feeling so here are all the funny things you and your sweetheart can talk about!

Funny Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend

Funny Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend

Did you know that humor is like medicine for the soul? Making someone laugh can make them drawn to you, it makes them forget all of their problems and enjoy being around you. Making your girlfriend laugh will make her love you so much more than she already does!

1. Funny Embarrassing Moments

When asking her about embarrassing moments in her life, make sure you mention the word “funny” because your aim is to make her laugh not to make her squirm in her seat. Everyone laughs at funny embarrassing moments just by thinking about them and your girlfriend will definitely enjoy talking about her’s.

2. Funny Childhood Memories

Having recollections of childhood memories can take you down through memory lane. Some are good, some are bad and some are definitely funny! Remembering funny childhood memories will have her giggling in no time! What better way to have a great time than to bring out the child in someone.

3. Funny Jokes

Jokes are definitely fun to talk about especially if you choose short, straight-to-the-point jokes that are not long and boring. Spending an evening with your sweetheart telling her jokes will make her always want to be around you. Remember that laughter is the key to anyone’s heart.

4. Funny Short Stories

There are tons of sites online that you can find funny short stories to tell your girlfriend. Similar to telling her jokes, make sure to choose only short stories so that she doesn’t get bored listening. Riddles are also great for getting her thinking as well. 

5. Funny Weird Habits

If she has some weird habits, she will be shy to share them with you but if they are funny enough to make her laugh, get ready to hear some very weird stuff. Make sure to share some of your weird habits as well so that she feels like you are both partners in crime!

6. Funny Life Plans

Maybe she dreamed of being a bicycle mechanic, a chicken farmer, or a monkey’s tour guide when she was a little girl! Trust me, every girl has some sort of funny life plan for her future that she laughs back on whenever she thinks about it.

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7. Funny Movies

There are tons of funny movies that you simply just can’t get out of your head. Some of them will make you laugh soo hard until you pee your pants. Those are the ones that stick with you forever. Get her out of her shy shell by making her remember those winners!

8. Funny Secret Celebrity Crush

Maybe she had a crush on Mr. Bean, Austin Powers, Dr. Phil, or Whoopi Goldberg! What do you know! Get ready to be shocked by some of the names she is going to call! Whatever you do, don’t you dare criticize her cause she is going to be mad as the devil!


There you go! 8 very funny things to talk about with your girlfriend to make you both laugh and have some fun! If you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends and also take a moment to follow me on Pinterest for new post update when I release them.

Funny Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend

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