100 Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend To See If She Knows You

questions to ask your girlfriend to see if she knows you

It is very difficult to find someone who will love you enough to want to know everything about you! If you find that person, make sure to never let them go because if she takes the time to learn everything about you, it means she will go to the ends of the earth for you! Here are 100 questions to ask your girlfriend to see if she knows you!

Before we begin though, please don’t be discouraged or jump to conclusions if she doesn’t answer all of your questions correctly. Getting to know everything about someone requires time. If the both of you have not been together long enough, she may still be in the learning phase so be patient.

questions to ask your girlfriend to see if she knows you

100 Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend To See If She Knows You

These questions range from casual, personal, intimate, to funny, serious, and deep. There are more than enough questions in this list that you can choose from to ask your sweetheart. Without further ado, let’s get this show on the road!

1. What is my favorite type of food?

2. What is my favorite color?

3. What is my favorite TV show?

4. Do I like games?

5. What is my favorite time of the day?

6. What makes me happy?

7. What are my hobbies?

8. What is my favorite sport?

9. What is my favorite dessert?

10. Where do I like to be touched?

11. Do I prefer summer, spring, autumn, or winter?

12. What is my favorite video game?

13. What was I like as a child?

14. What is my favorite band?

15. What is my favorite song or music genre?

16. What is my favorite drink?

17. What is my favorite book?

18. What was my favorite book as a child?

19. What do I hate most about my life?

20. Where would I love to travel to the most?

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21. What is my favorite animal?

22. What is my maiden name?

23. When was I born?

24. When is my favorite holiday?

25. What are the 5 things I like most about you?

26. Why do you think I fell in love with you?

27. What foods do I hate the most?

28. What are my insecurities?

29. What are my life goals?

30. What are the names of my parents?

31. Which cologne scent do I like the most?

32. Am I a cat or a dog person?

33. Do I have any medical issues?

34. Which movie character do I wish to be?

35. Who is my favorite author?

36. What type of outfits do I like to wear the most?

37. What was my favorite subject in high school?

38. What was my major in college?

39. How many relationships have I had?

40. Do I love you?

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41. How do I feel about my parents?

42. What are my weaknesses?

43. What is something I could do for 10 hours straight without getting bored?

44. If I could live anywhere in the world, where will I live?

45. Do I want to get married?

46. How Many kids do I want to have?

47. Do I want to have pets or kids?

48. Do I like kids?

49. What is my birth sign?

50. Do I want to be rich or comfortable?

51. What is my favorite sleeping position?

52. What is my favorite social media platform?

53. How well do you think I know you?

54. Which town/state did I grow up in?

55. What was summer cam like for me?

56. How much did I get for allowance as a child?

57. What was my summer job when I was a teenager?

58. What do my parents do for a living?

59. How many cousins do I have?

60. Who do I look like the most, my mom or dad?

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61. Did I get into trouble a lot as a child?

62. Do I have a best friend?

63. Which year did I graduate from high school?

64. Which school did I attend as a child?

65. Where did I go to high school?

66. What was my favorite subject in high school?

67. Did I ever play dress-up as a child?

68. Who am I close to the most, my mother or father?

69. Do I like your family?

70. Am I attracted to you?

71. Do I like your style?

72. What is my religion?

73. Who was my favorite teacher in high school?

74. Am I afraid of heights?

75. Am I afraid of flying?

76. What is my favorite manner of transportation?

77. What is my favorite car model?

78. Do I enjoy spending time with you?

79. Do I like hunting, fishing, or camping?

80. How many countries have I traveled to?

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81. What do I like to eat for breakfast?

82. What is my favorite ice cream flavor?

83. Do I prefer to drink alcohol or soft drinks?

84. When was my first kiss?

85. What are 10 things I love about you?

86. Which part of your body do I like the most?

87. Am I a jealous person?

88. Am I still friends with any of my exes?

89. What would I prefer, a big church wedding or a courthouse wedding?

90. What is something I would never tolerate in a relationship?

91. What is the one thing that makes my knees weak?

92. When exactly do you think I fell in love with you?

93. Do you think I want to spend the rest of my life with you?

94. Do I think that you are my soul mate?

95. Will I do anything in the world for you?

96. Do I trust you?

97. Do I like you?

98. Do I understand your feelings?

99. What size shoes do I wear?

100. Do I prefer long or short hair?


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Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend To See If She Knows You

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