8 Psychological Facts About Thinking Of Someone

Psychological Facts About Thinking Of Someone

Love is beautiful, love is sweet, love can move mountains, and love can take you places you never knew existed! Loving someone with all your heart is the most wonderful feeling in the world and being away from them makes your heart sink! Below are 8 psychological facts about thinking of someone worth knowing!

If you are in a long-distance relationship with someone you adore and can’t seem to get them off your mind, the following psychological facts will help put your mind at ease. Thinking of someone you love is a bittersweet feeling that is similar to wanting something you can have! Grab a cup of coffee and let’s get this show on the road baby!

Psychological Facts About Thinking Of Someone

8 Psychological Facts About Thinking Of Someone

It is natural to think about someone you love, attracted to, or have a crush on every now and then but did you know that thinking of someone constantly and not being able to get them off your mind actually means that they could be thinking about you too? Yes, it’s true, psychology says that when you are thinking of someone a lot, it means that the person is thinking of you too! Let’s take a look at other facts below.

1. Smiling Without Knowing

Studies show that thinking of someone you like, attracted to, or love will have you smiling without knowing that you actually are. You know how you suddenly think of something someone did that you found funny or interesting and you smile without even trying? This is what happens when you think of someone you like.

2. Warmness

Thinking of someone will make you feel warm inside especially if you like the person. If you are attracted to the person or are in love with them, your brain will release a stress hormone which causes a heating effect on your body. This effect will make you feel warm without knowing it.

3. No Reason To Be Close

One of the most common ways to tell if you are thinking of someone or vice versa is having the feeling of wanting to be close to the person or contacting the person for no reason. Feeling the urge to talk to someone suddenly is a subconscious sign that indicates thinking of the person.

4. The Feeling Is Mutual

Psychology studies show that when you can’t seem to get someone off your mind, 90% of the time, the feeling is actually mutual. So if you find yourself thinking hard of someone, the person may be thinking about you too.

5. Change In Emotions

When you are thinking of someone negatively or positively, there will be a sudden change in your emotions. You know how sometimes when talking to someone and they are smiling, laughing, joking or having fun and then they suddenly stop and change their facial expression? Well, it usually means that the person suddenly thought of someone. If this happens to you for no reason, the thought of someone changed your emotions.

6. Dreaming Of The Person

Psychology says that when you continuously dream of someone it means that you may be thinking of the person during the day consciously or subconsciously. It could also mean that the person is thinking of you too. You see the mind is very powerful and it can sense it when someone is sending energy your way.

7. You Are In Love

If you can’t stop thinking of someone no matter how hard you try, it may indicate that you have strong feelings for the person, are attracted to the person, have a crush on the person or it would mean that you are in love. This can sometimes feel bittersweet especially if the person does not share your emotions or does not know you feel so strongly about them.

8. Trouble Focusing

Similar to missing someone, thinking of someone will cause you to have trouble focusing on your daily tasks. Reading, writing, daily chores, work, or other activities will become harder to accomplish when you have someone on your mind. Try to find handle the situation before it gets out of hand.

What To Do When You Can’t Stop Thinking Of Someone

It is absolutely frustrating when you can’t seem to get someone off your mind no matter how hard you try. It can get in the way of your daily activities, it is not healthy and can cause stress hormone cortisol levels to rise. Below are a few ways to help you stop thinking of someone constantly and get on with life.

  • First things first, do some soul searching and find out why you are constantly thinking of the person
  • Try to confront the person about your emotions if it is related to attraction, crush, anger, love, or hate
  • Find a new hobby or activity that you can engage yourself in
  • Go out with friends or spend some time with family, just try to be around others as much as possible
  • Join a charity organization, helping others gives life a new meaning and changes your perspective


Now you know about the psychological facts about thinking of someone you love! Don’t be afraid to leave your comments below cause I will be happy to send you a reply ASAP! You can also find me on Facebook and Pinterest to get updates when I post new articles about awesome psychological facts.

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  1. I can’t help thinking of her even though she had two kids and I am a father of three!

  2. A very good suggestions from this psychological facts and what should I do next …
    Thinking about someone and something is a waste of time ..
    Actually I want to learn psychology but I’m a Pharmd student ..
    I can’t..😥
    I’m very curious and interested about psychology subject …🤩
    This is a very good thought .. by searching about psychological information ..
    Thanks for this 😐

  3. Hi, I am Rick K.,I work alot plus I am a Continuing College Student, Completing Programs in Different Kinds of Engineering, etc., Athletic, etc., but I have know a college lady for at least 15 years working with her alot, she has had a difficult life, bad former marriage, bad dating experiences, she gets Argumentive at times as well as Bad Bottled up Anger Issues, but I have been dating Julie A. B., for the Last 3 years, she is a very hard worker, outdoors individual, very athletic, good cook, has spunk, eats very healthy, caregives for an older lady Annie A., , smokes alot, but when she is in a good mood she is a Very Beautiful Lady to Be Around, in age were both older, but Last February 2021 she blew up at me and said hour relationship is over, it Hurt, and did not tell me why and I have been a Gentleman to her, I treated her just like a Princess or Lady alot and I thinked she, liked it, like she has never been treated like that before, and before this happen Julie keep telling me off and on I miss you, and just 3 weeks or month before that, she broke it off, she said Rick I miss you and I always told Julie I miss her Alot, also, I miss Being with Julie alot I really like to make Julie happy or especially put a smile on her pretty face that means alot to me, my Doctor said if you agree I give Julie alot of Breathing room she has been thru Alot, my Doctor said go full no contact rule that should help hopefully Julie alot, my Doctor also said Hurting People Hurt others even ones they Love or Care About , and Absence usually makes the Heart Grow Alot Fonder, do you Agree and other Advice would be Greatly Appreciated, I would never want to hurt Julie At All I think I am in Love with Her, Alot. A Very concerned Boyfriend Thanks Alot

  4. Pls I saw a guy I never meet before but his type of the man I want but since I saw him I can’t get him out of my head I don’t know if I should confront him or not because I don’t know what to do

    1. My dear Loveth, I understand your frustration, it is hard to be attracted to someone and not know if they feel the same way about you. That being said, he will never know how you feel unless you make him know. There are subtle ways to show someone that you like them such as light flirting, smiling at them, making friendly gestures like getting them a cup of coffee, etc.

      You can also try spicing up a friendly conversation to try to get to know more about him, he could already be in a relationship with someone or not ready for a relationship at all. Either way, doing your initial research is vital as not to waste your time.

      Start slowly by trying to be his friend and see where it takes you both. They say, you never try, you’ll never know!

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