100 Funny Psychology Facts To Make You Laugh

Looking for some funny psychology facts about love, life, relationships, and everything else in between? You are in the right place! Below are over 100 funny psychological facts that you can use for whatever you like! Psychology helps you understand why people do and say certain things.

According to Wikipedia “Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behavior. Psychology includes the study of conscious and unconscious phenomena, including feelings and thoughts. It is an academic discipline of immense scope, crossing the boundaries between the natural and social sciences.”

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100 Funny Psychology Facts To Make You Laugh

There are tons of funny psychology facts that will make you laugh soo hard, something might break! That said, here are my personal favorites that you can enjoy!

#1 Only good liars are able to detect other liars all of the time.

#2 Sexual frustration causes you to tear the paper off drink bottles.

#3 The length of your tongue has a lot to say about your sexuality.

#4 Having a plan B makes plan A less likely to work.

#5 The human brain size has decreased by 10% since we were hunter-gatherers.

#6 Women are attracted to men who are mysterious, have beards, and don’t smile a lot.

#7 97% of people write down their own names when given a new pen.

#8 70% of people are unable to tap their thumb knuckle against their lower teeth with their eyes closed 16 times without getting dizzy.

#9 A person who laughs a lot at silly things is lonely inside.

#10 People who sleep a lot are very sad.

#11 People who speak less and fast keep a lot of secrets.

#12 People who can’t cry no matter how hard they try are weak.

#13 People who eat abnormally are severely tense.

#14 When you study too much psychology, you won’t be able to get mad easily at other people.

#15 People who give the most advice are the ones with the most problems.

#16 The smarter a person is, the faster he thinks and the sloppier his handwriting is.

#17 not being able to fall asleep at night means that you are awake in someone’s dreams.

#18 People who spend more time outside in the sun are happier than those who don’t.

#19 People who are distracted easily are more creative.

#20 Gossip triggers chemicals in the brain that makes you live longer and become happier.

#21 Shy people are smarter and more trustworthy.

#22 Tickling used to be a form of torture.

#23 Speaking and encouraging yourself in from of a mirror will make you mentally stronger.

#24 Studies show that every time you sneeze, you die for a second.

#25 If you don’t move for a whole 15 minutes, you will fall asleep.

#26 For the first 3 seconds after waking up from sleep, you won’t be able to remember anything.

#27 If someone wants to know more about you and how you are while he or she is busy, that person has already fallen for you.

#28 People who are strong mentally, have more nightmares than weaker people.

#29 When someone is crying and the first teardrop is from the right eye, it is a cry of happiness.

#30 Not everyone dreams in colors.

#31 We forget 90% of our dreams.

#32 Men and women dream differently. Women are more prone to having scary dreams.

#33 People who blush easily are great lovers.

#34 If you have a crush on someone, there is an 80% chance that that person has a crush on you as well.

#35 To stop yourself from crying, stop blinking and relax your jaw.

#36 If you chew gum while approaching a nervous situation, you will stumble.

#37 People who stay awake longer at night are more intelligent than people who sleep and wake up early.

#38 An average person’s mind wanders 30% of his or her time awake.

#39 18 to 33-year-old people are the most stressed on earth.

#40 Convincing yourself that you had a good night’s sleep tricks your brain into thinking you actually did.

#41 Smiling actually boosts the immune system and helps you live 7 years longer than those who smile less. Happy people smile up to 50 times per day.

#42 The tongue of a blue whale weighs more than most elephants.

#43 If someone tells you they had a crush on you in high school, they usually still have a crush on you.

#44 People who speak 2 languages, change their personality unconsciously when they switch languages.

#45 The way you hold your fist reveals your internal and external personality.

#46 You will find that food prepared by others will taste soo much better than yours even when you use the exact same recipe.

#47 Women appear sexier than men when they expose the skin on their necks subtly.

#48 People who don’t dream usually have a personality disorder.

#49 The average person lies up to 4 times per day. His or her most common lie is “I’m fine”. He or she will lie up to 1460 times per year and a staggering 87,600 times by age 60.

#50 When your favorite football team wins, it improves your self-esteem.

#51 People tend to blink more when they are having a conversation with someone that they are interested in.

#52 90% of people text things they cannot say in person.

#53 When a woman is attracted to a man, her voice becomes high-pitched.

#54 To stop someone from talking too much, simply drop something on the floor and he or she will stop.

#55 If a girl tells you about her problems, she is not complaining, it simply means that she trusts you a lot.

#56 Most people text faster when they are texting someone they really like.

#57 You can fool your mind into thinking that you are happy by putting a pencil between your teeth.

#58 when someone tells you that they have a question for you, all the bad things you did recently run through your mind.

#59 If someone is lying to you, they will look up and to their left when talking.

#60 Your eye pupil expands up to 45% when you are looking at someone you love.

#61 The more money you spend on others the happier you become in your life.

#62 Being angry for 1 minute weakens your immune system for up to 4 hours while being happy for 1 minute strengthens your immune system for 24 hours.

#63 People cannot multi-task.

#64 You look more beautiful after shampooing your hair.

#65 It takes only 4 minutes to fall in love.

#66 Sleeping in a very cold room increases your chances of having a bad dream.

#67 Girls don’t like it when boys stare unless they stared first.

#68 If someone makes eye contact with you for 60% of a conversation, they are bored. If they hold eye contact, 80% of them are attracted to you, and 100%, they are threatening you.

#69 If someone misses you, they are 80% more likely to appear in your dreams.

#70 Psychology says that when you play video games, you become more creative.


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