100 Questions To Ask Before Having A Baby

100 questions to ask before having a baby

Planning on starting a family with that special someone? Here are 100 questions to ask before having a baby with someone you love. Being in love is amazing but having a baby is taking your relationship to a whole other level! It’s not easy being a parent, it literally means putting your relationship on hold so read on…

Babies are tiny beautiful little creatures that are made to make your heart melt but don’t let them fool you with those wooing eyes! There are tons of things to consider like no more sleep, dirty diapers, playtime, naptime, doctor’s appointments, teething, you name it!

100 questions to ask before having a baby

100 Questions To Ask Before Having A Baby

Then there’s daycare, kindergarten, high school, college, new car, and the constant worry on how he or she is doing! You see, it’s a whole lifetime in a flash that you need to consider before even contemplating the idea of bringing one of these little bundles of joy into the world!¬†

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Having A Baby

There are so many things to consider when thinking of having a baby. Since you are going to be responsible for another human being, this is not an easy task. You must be ready in all aspects of your life and prepared to handle the responsibilities that come with having a child. These baby questions will help you decide.

1. What is your income?

2. Can you afford a baby?

3. What type of housing do you live in?

4. Do you have room for a baby?

5. What is your work schedule?

6. How long can you take maternity leave?

7. How old are you?

8. Do you have any health issues?

9. Can your mind and body handle the stress of carrying a child?

10. Do you travel a lot or move from one place to another frequently?

11. Do you mind putting on extra weight?

12. Do you have a dependable partner?

13. How is your relationship with your partner?

14. Is he in the position to help out physically and financially?

15. Are both of you ready to do more physical work?

16. Are you ready to give up your personal time for another human being?

17. How do you plan on getting pregnant?

18. Have you been around a baby for more than an hour?

19. Have you ever done some babysitting?

20. How do you visualize yourself with a baby?

21. How well can you handle stressful situations on a scale of 1-10?

22. If you had to stay up all night trying to calm a screaming child, how would you handle yourself?

23. Do you know that it stops being about you once your child comes into the world?

24. Why do you want a baby?

25. Is it the right time in your life to make a huge change?

26. What does your family think of you having a baby at this time in your life?

27. What are you willing to give up for the sake of your baby?

28. Will having a baby affect your relationship?

29. How do you feel when you are around other people with babies?

30. What do you want most for your life besides having a baby?

Questions To Ask Your Partner Before Having A Baby

So as much as you may be static about the idea of having a baby, maybe your partner isn’t? He may smile at the idea or share your interest to make you happy but does he really want a baby at this point and time in his life? The following baby questions will help you get an idea!

31. What are your plans for your life?

32. Where do you see yourself in the near future?

33. Are you ready for a family or do you have other priorities right now?

34. How do you feel about being physically, financially, and emotionally responsible for another human being?

35. Are you ready to share your time with a baby?

36. Do you think we should have a baby right now or wait for a little while longer?

37. What would you want to achieve before having a child?

38. What were your plans for marriage and children?

39. What do you think about kids?

40. Have you spent time in your life taking care of a kid? What was your experience like?

41. Do you think having a baby will affect our relationship?

42. Do you think that marriage is important before having a baby?

43. Do you think I can handle a baby?

44. How would you feel about being a dad?

45. Do you want to have a baby?

46. If yes, will you be there for the baby?

47. Can you handle a baby?

48. Can you make time out of your schedule for a baby?

49. Do you think we have issues that need working out before having kids?

50. If you do want to have kids, what are your reasons?

51. How would you feel if I suddenly got pregnant?

Questions To Consider About The Future  Of Your Baby

52. Do you believe in discipline?

53. How strict are you going to be as a parent?

54. Are you a strong believer in manners and ethics?

55. What type of person do you want your child to become?

56. Are you going to vaccinate your baby?

57. If it’s a boy, will you circumcise your baby?

58. Will you baptize your baby?

59. What type of birth would you prefer?

60. Will the baby sleep in your room?

61. How will you save money for your baby?

62. Will you place your baby in daycare?

63. Will you place your baby in private or public school?

64. How do you plan on saving money for your child’s college?

65. What type of environment do you want your child to grow up in?

66. Do you have parental help?

67. What will you name your baby?

68. Will you try to know the sex of your baby before it is born?

68. Who’s last name will your baby have?

Other Important Questions To Ask Before Having A Baby

69. If your pregnancy screening tests show a disability, how would you handle it?

70. How would you handle not being able to conceive as soon as you hope?

71. Will you consider family planning after having your baby?

72. How many kids do you plan on having?

73. What if having a baby jeopardizes your relationship?

74. What if you have to become a single parent, how will you handle it?

75. How strict will you be as a parent?

76. What are things you would never want your child to do?

77. Are you capable of indulging in kid’s activities?

78. If you had to leave your job for your baby, how would you survive?

79. Who will be your baby’s godparents?

80. Would you allow people to babysit your baby?

81. What would be your baby’s middle name?

82. What traditions or religion would you want your child to carry on?

83. If something were to happen to you and your partner, what will happen to your baby?

84. How will you make time for your relationship after the baby is born?

85. If you are not already married, is it important that you get married before having your baby?

86. Do you have issues that need to be resolved before having a baby?

87. What are some things you will never give up because of a baby?

88. Will you make a will before going into delivery?

89. Have you thought about life insurance before having a baby?

90. How involved would you want your partner to be during the birth of your baby?

91. Is your partner ready to help out with stuff at home after the baby arrives?

92. Have you thought about child safety?

93. Is your relationship stable enough to handle a baby?

94. How would you punish your child when the need arrives?

95. What are your greatest fears about having a baby?

96. What are your greatest fears when thinking of your baby’s future?

97. Can you name 7 fun things you would like to do with your baby?

98. How do you plan on protecting your child from negative influences?

99. What special skill would you want your child to have?

100. Who do you want your child to model after?


There you go! 100 questions to ask before having a baby that you can discuss with your partner! If you enjoyed reading, please share it with your friend and you can also find me on Pinterest for more awesome posts. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

100 Questions To Ask Before Having A Baby

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