10 Interesting Psychological Facts About Handsome Guys

Psychological Facts About Handsome Guys

Wow! This is really the holy grail or every girl’s dream right? To get the attention of the handsome guy and make him come riding towards you on a white horse and swooping you off your feet! Snap out of it! Life is all but a dream but sometimes dreams blur your vision! Below are 10 real interesting psychological facts about handsome guys to make you think twice!

This may sound crazy to you but did you know that handsome guys are almost always single? Yes, it’s true! Handsome guys are actually too busy being obsessed with themselves and their looks that they don’t take the time to make a relationship work! They know that girls will be lining up for them so they prefer short-term flings instead of real relationships.

Psychological Facts About Handsome Guys

10 Interesting Psychological Facts About Handsome Guys

Below are the most important psychological facts about handsome men that are actually worth knowing. Some of these facts may surprise you or discourage you but never let anything stop you from going after your dream!

1. Fixated On Their Appearance

Handsome guys spend too much time grooming themselves and are extremely fixated on their appearance to care about anything else! They are usually very self-centered and they think that the world revolves around them. They are just too good to be true and they are the best thing that ever happened to you!

With that being said, underneath it all, they are actually very vulnerable and in many cases insecure so don’t let their high self-esteem prevent you from trying to make things work. They can also be very charming, sweet, and caring when they love a woman deeply.

2. They Can Be Faithful Too

Yes, handsome guys are very promiscuous and 99% of the time, they tend to move on from one girl to the next but trust me, it gets old for them too! They finally come to realize that most women even notice them and talk to them simply because of their looks. Just like a pretty girl gets used to, handsome guys are used all of the time too.

When a handsome guy finds a girl that he loves deeply, he can be very faithful to her. He will give up cheating and his whole world will revolve around her. Just like the saying goes, love is all that matters and it can be a life-changer for handsome guys as well.

3. They Are Usually Single

Self-confidence again right? Yep, it is what drives a handsome man to stay single! He knows that he can get any girl he wants without even trying so why would he want to settle down with just one when he can have many! These guys prefer keeping things easy by simply going from one fling to the next because complicated is not their thing!

4. They Can Be Really Mean

Yes, they can be very charming, nice, funny, sweet, and charismatic when they want to be but they can very mean and act like real jerks when it suits them too! A handsome man is too self-centered to put someone else’s feelings before his own which can cause him to be very mean even if he didn’t plan to be. Believe it or not but handsome men also have deep-seated insecurities as well which they can take out on others.

5. They Can’t Keep A Job

Ever wondered why there are so many handsome men in the movies, in the magazines, on the runway, or at public shows? That’s because they simply can’t keep a 9-5 job! They are too obsessed with their looks to actually use their brains. I am not trying to bring anyone down but that is a simple truth!

How often have you seen a handsome dentist or doctor? Everyone wants to be around a handsome guy, he is going to be having so much fun out on the town instead of studying for exams anyway!


Now you have 10 interesting psychological facts about handsome guys to make you think twice the next time you are fantasizing or dreaming about them! If you liked this post, please share it with your friends and also take a moment to follow me on Pinterest or Facebook for more interesting psychological facts.

 Psychological Facts About Handsome Guys

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