odd signs that he loves you

You love him, but how do you know if he truly loves you? Not all men are easy to read; some need to be broken down into categories. Whether you want to find the subtle signs that he loves you or if you’re wondering whether he truly is in love with you, this guide is full of signs that he loves you!

There are many ways to show your love for someone. The little details in everyday life can make a big difference in the way they feel about you. Keep an eye out for these “odd signs” that he loves you, and use them in your favor!

odd signs that he loves you

5 Odd Signs That He Loves You

If your partner acts in a way that seems extremely out of character, then it may be a sign that he is in love with you. Often people only do the things on this list when they have strong feelings towards another, so if you notice odd signs of love from your partner, don’t attempt to figure it out – just enjoy his attentions and let him know how special you feel.

1. Acts Like A School Boy

He stares off into space, daydreaming about you. And sometimes when you’re in another room, he’ll break into a goofy grin, having just thought of you. Other times, when you’re in the same room and he looks your way, he might smile… and then look away bashfully like a schoolboy who’s been caught passing a note.

2. Do Things For You That He Won’t For Others

A man will do things for you that he won’t do for others. He will wrap his arms around you when you need comfort. He will stay up all night when you are sick and won’t leave your side. He will open doors for you in public in case someone tries to steal you away in front of him.

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3. Do Very Odd Things

A man in love will always do and say very odd things. He will surprise you with gifts; he will keep you happy and laughing; he may buy you a car, and he may even cook for you—all unexpected moves for a guy who doesn’t like to do any of those things. Odd as it may be, these are signs that he is very much in love with you!

4. Being Romantic On Occasions

It’s not always easy to tell when a man is in love with you because he may not know it himself. The majority of the time a man lets his actions speak for him. If he is starting to show you a little extra attention, watching out for little details, and doing things to be romantic on occasion, then he probably loves you.

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5. All In His Actions

The biggest telltale sign that a man loves you is not what he does or doesn’t do, but what his actions reveal about how he truly feels about you. If the man truly loves you, other people will see it in how he treats you and communicates with you.

It may be possible to learn more about a potential suitor’s feelings for you by watching him interact with other women, but his true feelings will be revealed in time with your relationship.

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