Interesting Psychology Facts About Fake Friends

Psychology Facts About Fake Friends

Want to know who your real friends are by weeding out the fake ones? Or trying to prevent the unbearable feeling of giving a part of yourself to someone who doesn’t deserve you? Whatever the reason, you are about to learn more about the psychology facts about fake friends, the types of fake friends, how to avoid them and finally understand the difference between fake and real friends.

We all need a shoulder to cry on, someone to share our happiness, and someone to stand by us when things go bad, and having a true friend around can be soo comforting. With that being said, it can sometimes be difficult to know who your real friends are and which ones are actually fake!

Psychology Facts About Fake Friends

Psychology Facts About Fake Friends

Below are 10 psychology facts about fake friends that will help you decide who your real friends are. Please be aware that a true friend can also show the following signs when going through a difficult phase or a troubling situation as well.

1. The Disappearing Act

A fake friend will only stick around when they during your brightest moments and when things are going great in your life. Unfortunately, that’s the only time you will see them because they will disappear faster than light when you are in trouble or when things go wrong in your life!

2. The Stepping Stone

A fake friend will use you as a stepping stone to climb the social ladder every chance they get! Data shows that over half of your friends don’t actually think of you as a friend. They will use you, misuse you and abuse you every chance they get! Be wary of those that are overly ambitious because to them, you are just a tool!

3. Pretend To Care

One of the easiest ways to spot a fake friend is to watch and see if they pretend to care when you are in trouble and vanish without a trace afterward. A true friend will stick around or at least check up on you when you have a problem until you resolve your issues but fake friends will always be missing in action.

4. The Ugly Truth

A true friend will always tell you the truth no matter how hard it may be or how it makes you feel. He or she will never mislead you or try to sugarcoat things. Keeping you on the right track is all that matters to a true friend. With that being said, look for the exact opposite with a fake friend.

5. Rumors

A true friend will call you first and hear what you have to say before making a decision on if a rumor is true or not. He or she will take your word for it because they believe in you. A fake friend will believe in a rumor so fast without getting your side of the story, it will make your head spin!

Psychology Facts About Fake Friends

6. Compete With You

A fake friend will always try to compete with you and belittle your thoughts and opinions every single chance they get. They will try to embarrass you in public and make you feel like dirt. They will talk about you behind your back and discuss your secrets with others. They will always try to drag you down by making you feel inferior to them.

Types Of Fake Friends

There are so many different types of fake friends in this world and trying to write them all down will take years! With that being said, I will try to stick to the basics and just give you a list of the tip of the iceberg. It should be enough, for now, to help you decide who to keep and who to get rid of.

If you can spot any of the following characteristics in any of your friends, you know you have a fake one!

  1. The pretender ( they pretend to be someone else around you)
  2. The manipulator ( they will try to manipulate you to get what they want)
  3. The copier ( they try to copy everything you do)
  4. The cheater ( they will cheat on you every chance they get)
  5. The rival ( they will always try to compete and take your spotlight every chance they get)
  6. The jealousy Reigns ( They will be jealous of every good thing that happens to you)

Fake Friends Vs Real Friends

Below are different signs of fake friends vs real friends to help you distinguish between the people in your life so that you can decide who is worth keeping and who isn’t.

Real friends stand by you in every situation, you will know that they truly like you if the both of you have fought at least once and they still want to be your friend. A real friend will be very honest with you at all times and give you the right advice even if it is hurtful. A real friend will make time for you and treat you as a priority.

Real friends will joke with you, make fun of you, and accept it with pleasure when you do the same to them. A real friend will celebrate life and happy moments with you, they will cry with you, hold your hands and laugh with you. A real friend will always encourage you to achieve your goals.

Fake friends will show signs of jealously, they will become defensive and argumentative even when there isn’t a reason to be. They tend to be overly nice, overly concerned, very nosy, and overly helpful. Fake friends will hang around you for a while to try to gain your trust and when they do, they will try to suck you dry for what you are worth.

A fake friend will talk about you behind your back, and only be nice to you when they need you or your help. Fake friends are never loyal and they will lie to your face just to make you feel good. You will know your friend is fake if they are never around when you need them, don’t make you a priority and are not committed to you.

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How To Avoid Fake Friends

Avoiding fake friends or two-faced friends can be very tricky especially when you think with your heart or you are just too kind to hurt someone’s feelings. Sadly, putting up with toxic people can come with a huge price such as your happiness. Below are some tips to help you avoid fake friends and get them out of your life completely so that you can make room for real people.

  • Think with your mind instead of your heart when trying to deal with fake friends.
  • Try as much as possible to avoid sharing your secrets with them.
  • Limit how much you speak and let them do all the talking.
  • Try talking about non-personal matters when around them and focus on neutral topics like news, tv shows, or the weather.
  • Stop sharing information about yourself and in time, they will get the hint.
  • Stay alert when around them and be mindful of their facial features.
  • Find excuses and take rain checks whenever possible.
  • Listen to your gut.
  • Use and treat them as acquaintances instead of friends.
  • Don’t treat or portray them as a priority in your life.
  • Try to sift through your friend’s list by identifying who your real friends are.

Why Fake Friends Are Ruining You

One of the worst feelings in life is to give your heart, and time to someone only to find out that they do not feel the same way about you! Although we learn as we go in life from our mistakes, there is nothing like stolen time because no matter what you do, you can never get it back. If you find that your friend or friends are showing any of the signs below, it’s time to get rid of them! Kick ’em to the curb!

Having fake friends around you can cost you a lot, not only do they steal your precious time but also they can cause you stress, depression, and anxiety! This is because in most cases, fake friends tend to be very competitive, and unreliable. They will argue with you for no reason, expect a lot from you and never give back and worse of all, they will try to change who you are.

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There you go! Now you know about the psychology facts about fake friends, types of fake friends, how they are ruining your life and how to stay away from them! If you liked this post or found it interesting, please share it with your friends and also take a moment to follow me on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest for more awesome posts.

Psychology Facts About Fake Friends

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