10 Telltale Signs He Has Strong Feelings For You

signs he has strong feelings for you

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “Does he like me?” “Does he love me?” There can be a fine line between love and hate. So, how do you tell if a man has strong feelings for you? Usually, if he shows signs that he’s interested in you, those same signs will reveal his true feelings as well.

A man’s body language reveals much about his feelings for you. Learning to spot the signs he has strong feelings for you can help alert you to the potential of a long-lasting, committed relationship.

signs he has strong feelings for you

10 Telltale Signs He Has Strong Feelings For You

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a man has strong feelings for you. If you’re worried that he may not feel the same way about you as you do about him, pay attention to his body language. If he’s exhibiting even some of these signs, it may show that he cares about you on an emotional level.

1. His Actions Will Say It All

Have you ever heard the expression ‘actions speak louder than words? Well, this is more true than you can imagine when it comes to love. Even if your guy isn’t choosing his words carefully, there are still probably some tell-tale signs he has strong feelings for you—you just have to be willing to look a little deeper.

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2. Passionate, Caring & Attentive

One of the best ways to recognize if a man has a strong feeling for you is by watching to see if he is more passionate, caring, and attentive towards you. This may be his way of letting you know that he has strong feelings for you and that he enjoys your company and time together.

3. Talking About A Future With You

When a man starts to fall deeply in love with you, he’ll be open and honest about his feelings. He may say he can’t see your relationship with him ending any other way than by you two getting married to each other. Or, he might not be able to imagine anyone else being the mother of his children.

signs he has strong feelings for you

4. Calls & Texts You Back ASAP

If he has strong feelings for you, he will make it easy for you to recognize. Some of the ways he will do so is by answering your calls and texts as soon as possible (not putting them off until later), making time to see you, and acting more loving and caring than usual.

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5. Can’t Keep His Eyes Off You

If he has strong feelings for you, the answer is in the way he looks at you and what he does and says. If he can’t keep his eyes off of you, if he treats you like a queen and acts like every moment together is the best moment of his life, if he’s constantly finding reasons to touch you and hold your hand, and if he’s especially affectionate when you’re apart–even when it’s just for a little while–it sounds like your man might have pretty intense feelings for you.

6. Make Sacrifices For You

If he is willing to change his plans just for you or sacrifice something in order to make you happy, it definitely means that he has strong feelings for you! Your man could let you decide where to go on vacation, what movie to watch or what restaurant to eat at by letting you take the lead. This is also true in relationships.

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7. Want’s To See You More Often

New signals a partner gives you can be a sign that he has strong feelings for you. Often, a man is awkward around new relationships, so he doesn’t quite know how to communicate his emotions. A new guy who returns your phone calls more than usual, for example, or appears to be making an effort to see you more often, maybe trying to tell you that he’s enjoying your relationship more than usual.

8. His Body Language

If you’re wondering if he has strong feelings for you, it helps to take note of his body language. A man isn’t always comfortable expressing his love for you with words, so some of the most important clues lie in how he acts around you. Does he initiate conversation? Does he show up on time?

Does he spend extra time with you or the kids? Watch the signals and recognize what it means when certain behaviors emerge. It could be that your guy is ready to commit…

9. Respectful & Caring

If he likes you deeply, he will be very quiet and respectful around you. He’s willing to make a grand romantic gesture with no demand for reciprocation. Such as, getting you a trendy expensive gift with no request to you to make a similar return gesture, or showing up unexpectedly with a delicious home-cooked meal for you with no expectation of dinner from you.

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10. Show You Off In Public 

A man who has strong feelings for you will not only treat you to the little things in life but also show you off in front of friends and family. This can simply mean taking you out with his friends or it could mean introducing you to people around town.

A man with strong feelings for you should make an effort to include you in all aspects of his life. He will usually give hints that he wants this relationship to last, but if he doesn’t make a move, make one yourself. Allow him to take care of you and show public displays of affection around his friends.

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