Creepy Facts About The Ocean That Will Give You Goose Bumps

Creepy Facts About The Ocean

Looking for some really creepy facts about the ocean that will make the hairs on your back stand? You are in the right place! Below are all of the most creepy facts about the ocean to help you get your facts freak on! Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, water, juice, whatever rocks your boat, and let’s get this show on the road!

It will keep your company in the night, be your guiding light, cool your hot burning heat, drive your passion, or whisper in your ears! That’s me being creative again by stealing some lyrics and adding a twist to it! Haha, lol, no hating guys, they say, “don’t hate the player, hate the game!” Okay, enough of my blabbering, let’s get started!

Creepy Facts About The Ocean

Creepy Facts About The Ocean That Will Give You Goose Bumps

From deadly bacteria, megalodons, white shark cafes to pressure, storms, and dead bodies, get ready to discover some very creepy facts about our ocean guys!

Deadly Bacteria

Did you know that by simply swimming in the ocean you could catch a very deadly bacteria? You better believe it! Research shows that the ocean is filled with flesh-eating bacteria and pathogens that can be very dangerous if you are not treated right away or effectively! Study shows that rotting vegetation, wildlife, and bad soil are all to blame for this deadly bacteria.

The best way to prevent contracting bacteria from swimming in the ocean is by trying your best not to swallow water while swimming and making sure to shower immediately afterward. You also want to make sure to clean your seafood thoroughly before cooking and eating to prevent bacteria poisoning.

Having an open wound and swimming in the ocean is also very dangerous because these deadly sea bacteria can actually get into the wound and cause swelling, redness, and also get infected.

High Pressure

Did you know that it is very difficult to get to the bottom of the ocean? Yep, you need to try it to understand! You see, the deeper you try to swim below the ocean the more pressure you will feel. This is caused by the excess air and heaviness there is above you when you try to swim deeper into the ocean. Water is 800 times heavier than air, a mere 32 feet of seawater weighs as much as our entire atmosphere!

man o war jellyfish

Dangerous Jellyfish

Normally, jellyfish is a harmless brainless organism that won’t hurt you at all! With that being said, if you don’t know the difference between the good ones or the dangerous ones, you may want to remain cautious. The Portuguese man o’war jellyfish is distinct, deadly, and can also be found near the surface of the ocean as well.

The man of war jellyfish is not a single organism like most of the other types of jellyfish, it has thousands of stinging cells ready to sting anything in its path! Study shows that a single tentacle from the man of war jellyfish could kill a fish and humans as well. Apart from the man-of-war jellyfish, there is also another dangerous type of jellyfish known as the box jellyfish.

Though most box jellyfish are not dangerous, some of them have the potential to kill up to 50 people in under 3 minutes!

The Ocean Creates Storms

Did you know that the ocean actually creates storms that are strong enough to wipe out whole communities?  Study shows that many of the most deadly storms and hurricanes are formed over the ocean.

In fact, hurricanes are only formed òver tropical oceans. You see, once the warm tropical waters evaporite, a tropical storm forms and maintains sustainability. One of the deadliest storms in history was the tropical storm typhoon Haiyan which caused over 6300 deaths in southeast Asia in 2013.

creepy facts about the ocean

White Shark Cafe

Did you know that there is actually a spot in the ocean that is known as the white shark cafe? It’s no joke guys! These huge giant white sharks flock around these specific areas to eat so you better be careful when swimming in the following areas if you don’t want to be a meal!

If you plan on going deep-sea diving anywhere between Baha California and Hawaii, don’t! It was first thought that these white sharks were frequenting the areas above to mate but later studies showed that it was actually a feeding ground.

Complete Darkness

Did you know that deep down in the ocean there is complete darkness? You see, the speed of light through a vacuum is over 186 thousand miles per second but through deep waters, this slows down significantly.

After a certain point, around 656 feet, sunlight or light is unable to penetrate the water which leads to utter and complete darkness within the vast majority of the ocean.

creepy facts about the ocean

Huge Monsters

Did you know that the ocean has always been home to huge monstrous creatures since the beginning of time? Yep, research shows that one of the largest sea creatures roaming our ocean today is the blue whale. Luckily for us all, blue whales are actually very gentle mammals. These magnificent creatures can be as long as 3 school busses combined in length and up to 15 school busses in weight.

There are also fossils of giant sea monsters such as megalodons, the frail shark, and mosasaurs which proves the existence of other humongous sea creatures roaming around the ocean floor.

giant squid

Giant Squid

The giant suid is one of the most mysterious creatures looming on the ocean floors today. The giant squid is so large and was never photographed until 2002. Marine researchers have reported spotting specimens that weighed up to 1000 pounds and 42 feet long. Before 2002, we only knew that giant squids could weigh up to 600 pounds.

Up until now in 2021, there are only very few videos of huge giant squids available for viewing because they live so deep in the ocean that collecting research on them would cause a fortune.

Dead Bodies

Did you know that there are over 6 million shipwrecks sitting beneath the ocean? Many of these shipwrecks belong to ships that have disappeared with crew on board. There is evidence of a single shipwreck with the bodies of over 800 souldiers on board beneath the ocean. This simply means that when you are swimming in the ocean, you are most definitely surrounded by human remains.

Up until 2021, only 2% of these shipwrecks have been explored and so many others haven’t even been discovered yet.


There you go! You have all the creepy facts about the ocean to make your hair stand! If you liked this post, please don’t forget to share it with your friends and you can also find me on Pinterest or Facebook for more awesome facts and posts. Until next time, make sure to stay awesome guys!

Creepy Facts About The Ocean

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