Shocking Psychological Facts About Crushes

Weird Psychological Facts About Crushes

Here are 15 shocking psychological facts about crushes that will make you think twice! Having a crush on someone is a bittersweet feeling similar to wanting something so badly that you can’t have it. It’s even worse when you have a crush on someone and the person has no idea of your existence.

If you find yourself in this situation, you may wanna continue reading the following weird facts about crushes below!

To have a crush on someone is to be infatuated or attracted to someone briefly. These feelings can someones be misinterpreted for love because it can be soo strong and cause you to fantasize romantically about the person, lose sleep and prevent you from functioning properly daily.

Weird Psychological Facts About Crushes

Weird Psychological Facts About Crushes

People always want what they can’t have and having a crush on someone is no different because studies show that people have crushes on people that are not right for them or are totally unattainable. Crushes are short-lived and usually don’t last more than 4 months and are nothing more than an infatuation.

With that being said, recent studies seem to suggest that having a crush on someone can sometimes result in a relationship but how long that relationship lasts is totally up to the individuals involved. Continue reading on the weird psychological facts about crushes worth knowing.

1. Perfection

Having a crush on someone makes you see them as perfect! They have no flaws, no ugliness, there is nothing wrong with them, they are simply just perfect. The person may be the devil from hell with the worse personality on the planet and you won’t give a damn! Research shows that when you have a crush on someone, they will look 20% more attractive to you than they really are.

2. Lasts Only 4 Months

Studies show that on average, the maximum time frame crushes lasts are 4 months tops. A crush will last up to four months and end abruptly! This is because a crush is an infatuation or an attraction, therefore, it has a very short lifespan. As time passes, your feelings for your crush will start to fade if not, maybe you are in love!

3. Only 1% Passes The Crush Phase

Studies show that on average, a crush lasts for a maximum of 4 months, if you still have feelings for your crush after the four months period, you may be in love. Other studies suggest that only 1% of crushes actually result in a relationship so the chances of your crush turning into anything worthwhile is only 1%. But who knows right, your’s just might be!

4. Imagination Trumps Reality

Did you know that imagining your crush or having an imaginary conversation with them is actually sweeter than seeing or speaking to him or her in reality? It’s simple when you fantasize about your crush, there are lots of stary lights in the background but in reality, you see things more clearly.

5. Seeing Your Crush’s Name Everywhere

Psychology says that after you learn the name of your crush, you start to see it everywhere you go, this is known as the “Baader Meinhof Phenomenon”. Just know that this is not loving but simply a crush and it will be over soon so enjoy it while it lasts.

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6. The Eyes Tells It all

Research shows that looking into the eyes of someone you have a crush on will tell you if they like you as well. This is because when someone likes you, looking at you will make their pupils dilate. Go ahead and try it, look into his or her eyes for more than 10 seconds and if the pupils dilate, it means that they have a crush on you as well.

7. No Telling Lies

Having a crush on someone makes it harder to lie to them. This is because being near your crush makes you shaky and nervous, therefore, you will blurt things out without thinking twice. Being around your crush will make you act like a teen in love and telling them the truth about stuff in your life is you trying to impress him.

8. Fast Heartbeat

When you have a crush on someone and they text you or call you, your heart will start to beat faster than usual. This is because epinephrine and norepinephrine from the brain are released into your bloodstream when you are attracted to someone. This will make your heartbeat and pump faster when you hear the voice of your crush.

9. Avoid Eye Contact

Psychology says that when a guy has a crush on you, he will tend to hold eye contact while girls on the other hand tend to avoid eye contact when they like someone. If you see her avoiding you or looking away from you when you try to talk to her, this means that she may find you attractive as well or has a crush on you!

10. Missing Him Or Her

Psychology says that when you pretend not to miss your crush it will actually cause you to miss them more. This is because people usually fancy what they can’t have and the brain has a tricky way of turning things around. Don’t believe it? Go ahead and try it the next time you have a crush on someone.

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11. Lost 

If someone has a crush on you, he or she will feel lost when you are around. You will know right away from his or her actions! Being lost for words, knocking things over or fidgeting are all actions of someone who has a crush or is attracted to someone! These are easy ways to spot your crush!

12. Looking His Best

If someone has a crush on you, you can bet your lucky stars that he is gonna wanna always look his best when you are around or if he knows that you are going to be there! Simple ways to notice is when he toches his hair when looking your way or fixing up his clothes, brushing his shoulders and broadening his posture!

13. Always Bumping Into Him

If someone has a crush on you, you will suddenly start bumping into them a lot! This is because people who have crushes tend to have a little bit of a stalking nature. They will begin to know your schedule and show up at places where they know you will be present. If you start seeing him or her everywhere you go, there is a good chance a crush is in the making!

14. Smiling

When someone likes you or has a crush on you, they will always smile whenever you are around. Now you gotta know the difference, there are tons of different smiles but if you see the one where the person is smiling with the lips and eyes going upwards, its the likeness and attraction smile going on right there!

15. Loudness

Ever been walking by in your office building and suddenly someone started speaking in a loud tone or a high-pitched voice? You probably got a crush! Studies show that if someone has a crush on you, they will tend to speak in a high pitch tone or make their voice louder when you are around to make you notice them!

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Signs That Someone Has A Crush On You

There are clear and subtle signs that can help you decide if a person has a crush on you. One of the most common signs is if the person stares at you when you are not looking or paying attention. Another common sign is when they always think about you and everything you do seems to be cool to them.

If you find that someone you know is acting differently when you are around or seems to have a completely different personality around you, it means that he or she has a crush on you! Another way to pinpoint your crush is to watch and see if someone always wants to be near you even when you are just going about your day.

If you see any of the signs above coming your way from someone you know or work with, just know that they have a crush on you! Try not to send mixed messages if you are not interested.


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