50 Very Funny Questions To Ask Your Best Friend

funny questions to ask your best friend

Looking for some very funny questions to ask your best friend? Here are all the questions you can handle while you are having a day out with your best friend. Friends are gems especially the ones we hold dear, going through life without a true friend is not something anyone should have to experience.

A best friend is someone who will stand by your side no matter what, they will be there for the bad and good times. When you are in trouble, sick, hungry, or tired, your best friend will feel your pain. He/she will share your tears and your laughter. You will never go wrong with a true best friend.

funny questions to ask your best friend

Funny Questions To Ask Your Best Friend

What better way to cheer up your best friend than to ask him/her some funny questions to make them laugh? Below are 50 very funny questions to ask your best friend to make them laugh hysterically nonstop!

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1. What is the funniest name you’ve ever heard?

2. If you were asked to dance with an animal, which would you choose, a chicken, a cow, or an owl?

3. Can you name 3 different types of farts?

4. Have you ever fallen flat on your face in front of a crowd? Explain!

5. Have you ever stolen from a grocery store in your life?

6. Can you sing baby shark backward?

7. What’s the funniest joke you’ve ever heard?

8. Can you think of the funniest thing you could do with a million dollars?

9. If cows could speak, what do you think they would say?

10. Can you think of seven funny words off your head?

11. Hve you ever gotten caught farting in public?

12. Where did the word “funny” originate?

13. Why did beauty marry the beast?

14. Have you ever tried talking to yourself out loud in public?

15. Have you ever dreamed of being swept off your feet by Kevin Hart?

16. If you could say anything to Steve Harvey face to face that will make him laugh uncontrollably, what would it be?

17. Why do you think Chinese people eat snakes?

18. What would you call a male ladybug? In your own words, please!

19. Have you ever been caught dancing wholeheartedly in front of the mirror?

20. If you could live for 300 years, how would you spend the last 100 years of your life?

21. Can you name the 2 most embarrassing things you’ve ever purchased at the grocery store?

22. What is your funniest wish?

23. Have you ever seen a cow doing pushups?

24. Have you ever seen a shark singing baby shark to its babies?

25. What is the ugliest animal on the planet?

26. If a chicken could talk, what do you think it will say to KFC?

27. What would you call a hamburger made with snake meat?

28. Have you ever fallen asleep while eating?

29. Have you ever fallen asleep while taking a test?

30. Which animal do you think will look cute in a dress?

31. Can you think of 5 ways to eat a crab?

32. If you could give someone a funny gift, what would it be?

33. Who says quack better, a chicken or a duck?

34. If Mary didn’t have a lamb, what would she have had instead?

35. Have you ever left a restaurant without paying your bill intentionally?

36. Can you think of a creative way to say the word “shit”?

37. Have you ever gotten drunk to the extent of passing out?

38. Have you ever stolen a car?

39. Who is your worst animated character? Why?

40. Have you ever tasted poop? Why?

41. What do you think the atmosphere is like in hell?

42. If you could choose between heaven and hell to spend eternity, which would you choose?

43. Have you ever pooped in a plastic bag? Why?

44. Have you ever hidden your lunch at the office? Why?

45. Have you ever eaten salad with your hands? Why?

46. Have you ever been soo afraid that you pooped your pants?

47. Were you ever forced by your parents to eat broccoli?

48. Why do you think Chinese people drink bird saliva soup?

49. Where was toilet paper invented?

50. Did you know that dolphins sleep with one eye open? 

50 Very Funny Questions To Ask Your Best Friend

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