7 Interesting Psychological Facts About Shy Guys

Psychological Facts About Shy Guys

Being shy is not a crime but it can definitely get in the way of getting what you really want in life, falling in love, or going after what you believe in. In this post, we will be taking a look at the psychological facts about shy guys and what causes them to be the way they are. If you have a crush on someone that you think is shy, this post will help you learn how to help them get out of their shell and be comfortable around you.

There are so many reasons why a guy may be shy but some of the main ones are childhood experiences, being criticized as a child, being bullied, environmental factors, and treatment of parents and family members. Most kids grow out of shyness by the time they are in their teens or early twenties but some people are actually affected for the rest of their lives.

Psychological Facts About Shy Guys

7 Interesting Psychological Facts About Shy Guys

Now that all the mumble-jumble is out of the way, let’s get down to what you came here for, how to get that shy crush of yours to come around and actually get the courage to approach you right?

1. Neat & Sneaky

I mean this in a good way! Shy guys are usually neat and sneaky when it comes to watching or paying attention to someone they are in love with or have a crush on! This is because they don’t have the courage to step out of their comfort zone just yet to approach their prey. They will watch from a distance and believe it when I say, they are really good at it too.

If you are interested, try being the one to take the first step, initiate a conversation, make eye contact, send a smile his way, or ask him for his help on something to help him build up the courage to talk to you.

2. Clumsy

Girl, if a guy is always dropping stuff when you are around or hitting into chair or table, it is a clear indicator that he is interested in you. He likes you but does not have the courage to approach you. The one thing you do not want to do at this moment if you have a crush on him yourself is to laugh at him or make fun of him!

You want to help him pick up his pen if he dropped it or ask him if he is okay if he ran into a chair, try to calm his anxiety, and send a loving smile his way. By doing this, it will show him that you are also interested and that it is okay for him to approach you.

3. Asking For Your Advice

If a shy guy is into you and really likes you, he may try to ask for your advice on things going on in his life or something he’s working on. When a man asks for a woman’s advice, you can bet your lucky stars that he likes you enough and will use it as best as he can. This is because men usually think they know it all and their male egos won’t allow them to take advice from a woman.

That said, if a man likes a woman, he will ask for her advice and will use it too! Watch out ladies, if your shy crush is constantly asking your advice on stuff at the office, you can bet he likes you a lot!

4. He’s Far Yet Near

In many cases, a shy guy that is interested in a girl will always make sure that there is a space between them, he will not have the courage to be near her often. One of the best ways to tell if he is interested is when you seem to be bumping into him regularly like at the coffee shop or the gym or maybe in the elevator.

This is because he has been watching very attentively and knows your schedule. He wants to be around you, wants to see you or even have a talk with you but has not gathered up the courage just yet to speak to you. Try initiating a conversation with him or simply smiling at him to help him reduce his fears.

5. Sends You A Friend Request

If a shy guy is interested in you, he will not have the courage to initiate a conversation with you face to face but he will try to befriend you on social media. He may not send you a message right away but lurk around until you make the first move after accepting his friend request. It may take weeks or even months for him to say something. That said, he will like your photos or make subtle comments on them occasionally.

6. He Will Defend You

This one is a clear indicator that he likes you and wants to be a part of your life! If a guy likes you but doesn’t have the courage to approach you he will always watch out for you. If he has to punch someone in the face for you, trust me he would! He is going to defend you every single chance he gets because that is what men do when they are in love with a woman.

7. Sending Mixed Signals

One day he’s talking to you, the next day he’s avoiding you, then he’s smiling at you, and then he’s hiding when you are around right? Well, that is exactly how shy guys in love operate! This is perfectly normal and it is just his way of gathering up the courage to form a real relationship with you but he’s just not there yet.

How To Help Shy Guys Feel Comfortable

If you want him to notice you enough to get out of his shell, you will need to do something about it! Nothing slutty though, you just got to show him that you are interested and would love to have a relationship with him. Below is a list of ways to make him feel comfortable enough to approach you.

  • Allow him to be silent around you whenever he chooses
  • Hold his hand every chance you get
  • Smile at him to make him feel welcomed
  • Ask him simple questions to help him open up about himself
  • Show him that he is good enough
  • Show him that his thought matters
  • Let him express himself fully by not interrupting him
  • Don’t criticize him


Now you know about the psychological facts about shy guys and how to help them be comfortable around you! If you enjoyed reading this post, I ask that you please take a moment to share it with your friends and I would love it if you followed me on Pinterest or Facebook for more awesome facts.

7 Interesting Psychological Facts About Shy Guys

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