Serious Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

serious questions to ask your girlfriend

Having a girlfriend that you really like is amazing but at some point, you may want to take things to the next level. To do so, getting to know her better is one of the first steps to take. Yes, you will understand her better as time goes by but questions are faster. Here are some serious questions to ask your girlfriend to get to know her better.

Before we begin with our questions, I highly recommend finding out your girlfriend’s zodiac sign. Getting to know her sign will help you understand how she feels and thinks most of the time. You will also want to check your compatibility and see if it’s worth putting an effort into the relationship.

serious questions to ask your girlfriend

Serious Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

So below are some of the best questions that you can ask your girlfriend. Please note that nothing is written in stone and you may not always get the answers that you like. Make sure you choose the right timing for asking these questions as well.

1. Where do you see us in 10 years?

2. If there is one thing you could change about our relationship, what would it be?

3. On a scale of 1-10, how compatible do you think we are?

4. In your own words, how would you describe our relationship?

5. Do you believe in us?

6. Should we be spending more or less time together?

7. Do you think our relationship can withstand any obstacle?

8. How do you feel about us living together?

9. How would you feel about spending the rest of your life with me?

10. What do you regret most about our relationship?

11. What is your biggest fear about our relationship?

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Intimate Questions

1. Do you think of me when you are alone at night?

2. Do you like to cuddle?

3. If there is anything you could change about our intimacy, what would it be?

4. What is your perfect date night?

5. What is your interpretation of love?

6. Do you really love me?

7. How do you feel when you are with me?

8. How do I make you feel as a person?

9. Do you feel the chemistry when you are with me?

10. Do you feel attracted to me?

Interesting Questions

1. If you could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow with me, where would you want us to go?

2. What’s your favorite movie?

3. What’s your favorite song?

4. What’s your favorite food?

5. What do you dream about?

6. What do you want to do with your life?

7. What’s a typical day in your life?

8. What do you do when you’re bored?

9. What relaxes you the most?

10. What is your utmost secret desire?


I hope you enjoyed reading these serious questions to ask your girlfriend and if you did, please share them with your friends. You can also find me on Pinterest where I update my profile with all my new and amazing posts. Until next time, please stay awesome and in love!

serious questions to ask your girlfriend

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