16 Interesting Psychological Facts About Missing Someone

Psychological Facts About Missing Someone

In a long-distance relationship or simply missing a hubby? Well here are 16 psychological facts about missing someone that is interesting as heck! Love is like a fountain that keeps on giving and never runs dry, having someone special in your life is like a soothing balm on a nasty cut. If you love someone and he or she loves you back, thank your lucky stars and take good care of your relationship.

There will come a time in every relationship where you may find yourself separated from your partner, if love is present, missing him or her is inevitable. You may experience strange feelings and wonder what’s going on! Science shows that being in love makes you feel physically sick and missing a loved one will make you feel even worse!

Psychological Facts About Missing Someone

16 Interesting Psychological Facts About Missing Someone

Below are some of the most interesting facts about missing that special someone worth knowing to help you ease your mind. Continue reading to find out if your feelings are on the list! Note that thinking of someone and missing them are two completely different feelings.

1. Sadness

If you are suddenly feeling sad for no reason at all, it is a strong indicator that you are missing someone. We recommend trying to text or call the person if he or she is unreachable, try engaging in some fun activities with friends and family.

2. Irritation

If you find yourself in a situation where everything around you feels irritating, it is a strong sign that you are missing someone you love. Try not to make other people you care about feel bad when going through this phase.

3. Depressed

If you are feeling depressed for no apparent reason especially if you are in a long-distance relationship, it means that you are missing that special someone. Try calling or texting to help you feel better. 

4. Dreaming

If you are constantly dreaming of your loved one, it means that you are missing him or her. It could also mean that there is a void in your relationship that needs filling. Do some soul searching.

5. Insomnia

Missing someone you love will cause you many sleepless nights. If you are not getting enough or no sleep at all, you are surely missing him or her! Try taking a yoga class to relax your nerves and relieve stress during this phase. Remember that stress puts a strain on the heart!

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6. Happy To Sad

Happy one minute and sad the next? Well, research shows that when you are missing someone, you experience sudden mood swings which are completely normal!

7. Less Productivity

Research shows that missing someone you love can actually decrease your productivity by a whopping 70%! You suddenly don’t feel like doing anything and daily activities feel like a burden.

Psychological Facts About Missing Someone

8. Feeling Sick

Science shows that if you are missing someone and not able to do anything about it, it can make your body physically sick. Been feeling sick lately?

9. Vice Versa

Did you know that while dreaming of someone means you are missing them, it is actually the same way around? If you are constantly dreaming of someone you love, that person is also thinking or dreaming of you as well.

10. Heart’s Message

Missing someone is actually the heart’s way of reminding you of them. Although research shows that love comes from the brain, the heart plays a role in sending love messages to the brain too. 

11. Sharing Good News

Research shows that you will know that you actually miss someone if they are the first person you want to share your good news with. Who do you think about when you have something awesome to share?

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12. Emotionally Frustrated

Psychology predicts that when you are missing someone you love you are helpless. Not having the ability to do anything about it makes you feel emotionally frustrated, annoyed & moody.

13. Clutching A Pillow

When you are thinking of someone you love, you will fall asleep at night clutching your pillow! Have you been clutching your pillow lately?

14. Not Missing You

Psychology says that a person will feel sad when missing a loved one but will feel 100 times sadder if he or she is not being missed in return.

15. Busy & Missing

It is normal to miss someone when you are feeling lonely or alone but missing someone when you are busy or having fun is true affection.

16. Idea

Psychology predicts that we never truly miss a person but we miss the idea of that person. I personally don’t think that this is true because you can actually miss touching a person, holding them or simply sitting next to them. What do you think?

What Are The Symptoms Of Missing Someone?

Missing someone you love will make you feel physically and emotionally sick! And if that’s not enough, you will constantly feel depressed, agitated, nauseated, and extremely sweaty. It is actually painful to miss someone dearly and not be able to see, touch or talk to them. If you can’t seem to get the person off your mind no matter how hard you try, it is one of the main symptoms of missing someone.

How Do You Express Feelings For Missing Someone?

There are many ways to express your feelings to someone you miss, you can text them, call them, send them flowers, send an image or simply tell them that you miss them. Quotes are very effective when trying to express your feelings to someone. There is nothing more painful than having feelings for someone and not being able to tell them, therefore, find a way to tell them so that you are able to accomplish other important things in your life.

Does Missing Someone Mean You Love Them?

Missing someone does not always mean that you love them, you can miss someone you have a crush on, someone you are attracted to, or even someone you briefly met years back. Studies show that it is possible to miss someone you hate so the answer is no, missing someone does not mean you love them but other symptoms along with missing the person can help you tell if you love them or not.


Now you know what happens to your mind and body when you are in love and missing that special someone! If you found this post interesting, go ahead and leave a comment below and also take a moment to follow us on Pinterest & Twitter for more interesting psychological facts.

Psychological Facts About Missing Someone

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