25 Interesting Psychological Facts About Female Attraction

Psychological Facts About Female Attraction

The female mind is quite difficult to understand and different from men when it comes to love, friendship, and attraction. With that being said, here are 25 psychological facts about female attraction to help you understand them better. As the saying goes, “women, you can’t live with them, neither can you live without them”.

The word “Attraction” is to like or desire something or someone, that said, it can sometimes be mistaken for love. Generally speaking, women are attracted to certain traits in men but some women may have different tastes. Below are researched facts about female attraction which can be found in most women or relationships.

Psychological Facts About Female Attraction

25 Interesting Psychological Facts About Female Attraction

There are 5 main types of attraction physical attraction, familiarity attraction, proximity attraction, similarity attraction, and intimate attraction. Depending on the types of attraction, your feelings may differ from the list below.

1. Large Belly

Women are less likely to be attracted to men with a large belly.

2. Sense Of Humor

Women are more attracted to men with a good sense of humor. This is because men who have a strong sense of humor tend to be intelligent and honest as well.

3. Tall

Women find taller men more attractive than shorter men. This is because taller men generally look stronger than shorter men.

4. Deeper Voices

Women find men with deeper voices way more attractive than men with loud or high pitched voices. Usually, a woman’s voice will sound higher pitched when she is flirting or attracted to a man.

5. Smells Like A parent

Women tend to find men that smell like their father’s more attractive. Science also shows that different scents ignite different types of attraction in some women when trying to choose a partner.

6. Initiative

Women are way more attracted to guys who initiate or start a conversation.

7. Age

Studies show that women with older fathers are often attracted to older men and vice versa.

8. Lips

If a girl touches her lips while talking to you it means that she is trying to bring attention to her shape.

Psychological Facts About Female Attraction

9. Mystery

Women are attracted to men who are mysterious, have beards, and don’t smile a lot. This is because men who don’t smile a lot look stronger in appearance.

10. Uncertainty

Research shows that a woman is more attracted to a man when she is uncertain if he likes her or not.

11. Self Confidence

Men are more attracted to women who feel good about themselves and have high self-confidence.

12. Blue

Study shows that women are more attracted to men who wear blue while men are attracted to women who wear red.

13. Heavy Women

Heavy women will attract men who are under a lot of stress.

14. Teasing

Psychology says that you are more likely to tease or mimic someone you are attracted to.

15. Pays Attention

Women are more attracted to men who pay attention to them and remember every little detail about them without being reminded.

16. Red

Psychology says that the color red is the most attractive color for both women and men. Other bright and warm colors are also perceived as sexual and attractive as well.

17. Eye Contact

Research shows that people who look into each other eyes for a long period of time tend to form a stronger attachment and increased affection or one another. have a crush on someone, try making eye contact.

18. Cycle

Studies show that women who are ovulating are attracted to different types of men. This is due to hormones, for example, during the fertile stage which lasts 3-6 days, a woman will be attracted to a man with a deep voice while during ovulation, she will be attracted to a stronger built man.

19. Blushing

psychology says that if you are on a date with someone who is blushing a lot, it means that the person is attracted to you.

20. Smiling

Studies show that women who smile often are found to be more attractive by me and men who smile less are found to be attractive by women.

21. Small Sized

Studies show that small-sized women have better chances of finding dates that women who weigh 20 lbs more than they should. Men tend to be attracted to slim and fit women over overweight women.

22. Breast

Studies show that men prefer larger breasts over small breasts. They find women with large breasts more attractive even women with less attractive facial features.

23. Aging

Studies show that older women are less attractive to men over young women due to skin aging and wrinkles.

24. Wealth

Research shows that women are generally attracted to wealthy men over handsome men. This is because humans are genetically wired to prefer comfort or stability over appearance.

25. Fidgeting

If a woman finds a man attractive, she will unconsciously fidget or smooth her clothes while talking to him.


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Psychological Facts About Female Attraction


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