Meanest Things To Say To A Guy

meanest things to say to a guy

Looking for some of the meanest things to say to a guy that hurt you? Well, look no further because, in this post, you will find some of the meanest things that anyone has ever said to a guy to really hurt his feelings! I don’t know about you but if someone hurts me, I am coming back at them with all the strength I got so help me!

Before we move forward though, I personally urge you to forgive, forget and be the bigger person! If you were taking a shower, suddenly, a crazy guy came and threw a rock at you, would you jump out of the bathroom and run behind him naked?

Of course not right? Because if you did, people would think that you were the crazy one right? It’s the same with trying to get back at someone who hurt you!

meanest things to say to a guy

Meanest Things To Say To A Guy

Please be mindful when saying the following words to someone you may probably get back with. These are some of the most hurtful words you can ever say to anyone and there is absolutely no way to come back from them!

You Are A Loser

Every guy wants to succeed in life, in his love life, his work, and in everything he does. His darkest fear is to feel like a loser or fail. Telling a guy that he is a loser will make him believe that he is even if he is not. He will never forget those words no matter how old he gets. He will stop believing in himself and in some cases, destroy his future. It is one of the most hurtful things to say to a guy.

You Are Not Man Enough

If you really want to hurt his male ego and belittle him, telling him that he is not man enough will do just that! A man’s ego is the size of his worth, it could be his financial worth, his intellectual worth, his power, or his physical ability to take care of his own. Saying words to make him doubt his worth will hurt him to the core!

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You, Will, End Up Alone

No man wants to be alone. It is cut and dry! I don’t care if he is a player, his ultimate dream is to find a woman who will love him, cherish him, have babies with him, and share a home with him. His worst fear apart from being a loser is to end up alone. Telling him that he will end up alone can actually break him!

No Wonder No One Likes You

Unless he is selfish and doesn’t like people in the first place, telling him that everyone secretly hates him will alter his ego and suppress his personality. This is especially true for guys that have a lot of friends and is always in the spotlight when in social gatherings. Remember that everyone wants to be loved.


There you go! You now have some of the meanest things to say to a guy who hurt you! If you liked this post or found it helpful, please share it with your friends and also take a moment to follow me on Pinterest or Facebook for more awesome facts and relationship advice. Until next time, please stay awesome!



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