Shocking Signs You Mean Nothing To Him

Shocking Signs You Mean Nothing To Him

Wondering if you are wasting your love and time on someone who does not deserve you? Well, you are not alone, unfortunately, so many women around the world are sitting in your shoes right now and wondering the very same thing! Below are signs you mean nothing to him and how you can come around to realizing that you deserve better.

Sometimes, relationships don’t work out, people fall out of love or they may have found someone new. It happens but rest assured that it is not the end of the world. With that being said, sometimes a person may be going through something or they are simply overloaded or preoccupied, when this happens their actions can mimic the signs of him not being interested in you. More on that below…

Shocking Signs You Mean Nothing To Him

Shocking Signs You Mean Nothing To Him Anymore

If your relationship is ending or your hubby is not interested in you anymore, the following signs below are ways to tell that you do not mean anything to him anymore and it’s time to put an end to the relationship.

1. He Is Ignoring You

If you are getting the feeling that he is not paying attention to you lately, suddenly seems distant, doesn’t want to be around you, avoiding your calls, or seems to be far away when he’s around, these are signs that love is gone. Try getting to the bottom of things by having a talk with him, maybe he is just preoccupied.

If something else is causing changes in his actions, he will tell you about it, but if you are the problem and love is not present, he will try to brush off your question and do his best to change the subject. Other ways to tell if he is ignoring you is if he stops texting you, calling you, or returning your calls.

2. He Stops Communicating With You 

If your previously talkative partner has suddenly stopped communicating with you verbally, it’s time to have a talk! You see, when a man loves a woman, he will always want to share everything with her, this includes material things, his thoughts, his happiness, and his troubles. Communicating with the woman he loves is something he looks forward to.

If you notice that he is talking less than usual, try to understand why. It could be that you are not giving him the attention you used to give him, he has someone else to vent to, talking to you does isn’t comforting for him like it used to be, or he is simply not into you anymore. If he looks distant when trying to explain his sudden change, this is a sign that love is gone!

3. Suddenly Avoiding You

One of the main ways to tell if a guy is not into you or has fallen out of love with you is if he suddenly starts avoiding you and does not want to be around you as often as he used to. Believe it or not but if you start to hear the “busy” word often lately, this is a clear indicator of him trying to avoid being around you.

A man in love will always find time for his woman, if he is truly busy, he will make time for you even if just a little bit. But if he is trying to avoid you, trust me, you will know it. He will suddenly start working late and even when he is around, he wouldn’t want to be in the same room with you. If he is suddenly making a lot of excuses, this means his feelings for you have changed.

4. He Is Suddenly Rude To You

A classic sign of a man who wants out of a relationship but doesn’t have the guts to admit it is rudeness or being harsh unnecessarily. If he suddenly starts talking to you harshly in public or private when there is absolutely no reason to be, he is either physically sick or he wants out!

A man in love will always want to charm his significant other and make her feel like a lady. He will never disrespect her or try to hurt her by verbally abusing her. If your man starts acting out suddenly, it’s time to get to the bottom of things and find out why. If he wants out, let him go, or else, things will go downhill from this point forward.

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5. He Is Suddenly Very Secretive

If a man is in love with you or faithful to you, there are no secrets! Yes, some zodiac signs are naturally mysterious like Scorpio but 99% of men that are faithful to the woman they love will not keep secrets from her. If he is suddenly hiding his messages, has a lock on his phone, or not letting you in on his location, it’s time to start doing some soul searching.

One of the easiest ways to catch him in his lie is by watching him closely, don’t accuse him openly but secretly watch and see if he is suddenly smiling for no reason, daydreaming, or suddenly spending more time with his phone than he does with you. If you see him smiling, ask him what’s causing it, if he brushes you off, you have your answer, if he lets you in and gives an explanation, he still cares about you.

6. He Is Suddenly Hot & Cold

One minute he is Mr nice and the other he is a complete stranger! This is a classic sign of someone who hasn’t fully made up his mind about leaving or staying! It’s like he suddenly has two very different personalities! Yes, there are diseases like bipolar or schizophrenia diseases that can cause a sudden change in one’s behaviour but if your man is healthy and acting out, he wants out!

7. He Is Always Angry

If your previously loving, caring, and cool sweetheart is suddenly very angry all the time or seems to be irritated by everything you say and do, trust me, he wants out! Psychology states that it is impossible for someone to stay angry at you for more than 3 days if they love you! If he is always angry even when there is no reason to be for more than 3 days, it’s time to have the talk!

You can also try noticing if he has stopped saying “I love you”. If he isn’t saying it, it means that he isn’t feeling it! Now maybe he is just mad at you or maybe he has doubts about you, if love is present, he will confront you, if it’s anger, he should talk about it on day 2 but if he doesn’t love you anymore, you are not getting a word out of him, just silent treatment.

8. He Is Suddenly Comparing

Love knows no color, love has no eyes, love does not see perfection, love is blind. If a man loves you, he will love you just the way you are. To him, you are perfect even with a bad hair day, you are his angel! As soon as he starts doing the comparison treatment, his eyes are out there and you need to take a step back!

Is he suddenly comparing your looks to other women or wanting you to have a new haircut? Is he suddenly talking about the way you look negatively? Is he asking you to lose weight all of a sudden? Is he complimenting the way other women look? If he is doing any of these things, it’s his way of trying to either make it work because he is giving up or he is in love with someone you are not!

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Signs It Has Nothing To Do With You!

When the love of your life starts acting out of context or begins to show signs that he is not interested in you anymore, it can be very hurtful. I recommend you do not take it personally right away but instead, try to get down to the bottom of it and understand what’s going on. Below are signs that he is still interested in you but has something else on his mind that is causing him to act out of the ordinary.

  • He answers your texts with more than a word
  • He tries to find time for you even if it’s not enough
  • He calls you at least once per day to check up on you
  • He remembers important dates between the both of you
  • He opens the door for you
  • Send’s you a text at least once a day
  • Tells you he love’s you

You Deserve Better Than Him

No one has the right to cause you pain when all you have done is try to make a life of love and beautiful memories with them. If your significant other is showing signs that you do not mean anything to him anymore, I recommend you move on with your life and believe that you deserve better.

Yes, it is painful, yes, it is heartbreaking, yes, it can turn your whole world upside down but you have to believe that everything happens for a reason and that it was just not meant to be. Maybe it’s all for the best and getting rid of him is just you making room for the right person to come along. Do not ever let someone treat you less than you deserve. People can be very cruel but just know that it was not your fault. It’s his loss!


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Shocking Signs You Mean Nothing To Him

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