10 Psychological Facts About Breakups That Will Ease Your Mind

psychological facts about breakups

Been through a breakup lately and wondering if your ex is hurting as much as you are? If you are then you are going to love the following psychological facts about breakups below. It is a terrible feeling to break up with someone you love, they used to be your whole world and suddenly, all the plans and dreams you had with that person are down the drain!

You could be losing sleep, not eating well, crying, and hurting right now, heck, you could be feeling like the world has ended but don’t worry, this is just a phase and it will pass.

You just need to be strong and keep in mind that the right person is out there for you. It may not feel like it now, but pretty soon, it will!

psychological facts about breakups

10 Psychological Facts About Breakups That Will Ease Your Mind

The following facts about breakup are fully researched and backed by science. Please note that breakups are extremely painful and it takes time to heal. Please seek professional help if you feel that you are in danger to yourself or others while going through this difficult time.

1. Similar To Addiction

According to psychology, going through a breakup is similar to breaking an addiction. You will feel anxious, have panic attacks, become depressed, and have an urge to reach out to your significant other.

As you may already know breaking a habit takes time, studies show that it takes up to six months to get over a breakup or heartbreak.

2. Loss Of Appetite

Research shows that it is perfectly normal to lose your appetite while going through a breakup. This is because when going through a breakup, your stress levels are very high.

This increases a hormone known as cortisol which restricts blood flow to your digestive tract. When this happens, you will start to have problems with your digestive tract, nausea, and sometimes dizziness.

3. Causes Physical Pain

Did you know that breakups cause real physical pain as well? It’s true! According to research done at the University of Amsterdam, breakups directly affect the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for arousal, regulation of internal organs, and even digestion. People who took part in the study saw an increase in slowed heart rate, depression, physical pain, and weight gain.

4. Talking Heals

Did you know that contacting your ex and talking about your breakup helps you find closure and speeds up your healing time? Yes, it’s true!

Research shows that to move on after a bad breakup and heal correctly, you will need to have a conversation with your ex and find out what went wrong.

5. Identity Crises

Study shows that 99% of people who go through a breakup actually experience identity crises as well. It also states that the more committed you were in the relationship, the higher the chance of finding yourself questioning your place in this world or your sense of self-worth. You may find yourself a completely new person after going through a breakup. 

6. Gain Weight 

Similar to losing your appetite while going through a breakup, it is possible to experience weight gain after breaking up with someone you truly love.

This is because of high cortisol levels caused by stress from the breakup. Cortisol is known to directly affect your digestive system and metabolism, both of which are responsible for healthy weight loss.

7. Lose Interest

Having the love of your life walk away from you is like getting a piece of your heart yanked from your chest. It’s not easy coming back and getting on the market again.

Studies show that breakups are emotional wreckers and in most cases having your heart broken can cause you to lose interest in having other relationships down the road.

8. Causes Depression

After studying over 7000 participants who were going through breakups the University of Virginia Commonwealth concluded that breakups do cause depression.

They also found out that people are more likely to get depressed over a breakup than over losing a loved one. This is because breakups directly impact a person’s self-esteem. 

psychological facts about breakups

9. Journaling Helps

Research shows that people who spend 30 minutes journaling daily after a breakup actually heal faster than those who don’t.

The simple act of writing down your thoughts, feelings, and hurt after a breakup helps make you feel more comfortable, less stressed, confident, happy, and empowered.

10. It’s Over Before You Know It!

According to this study conducted by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, heartbreaks or breakup pain is usually over before you know it.

You may feel like your frustration and pain are lasting forever but 90% of participants got over their breakup pain quicker than anticipated.



There you go! 10 psychological facts about breakups worth knowing! I hope you found comfort after reading this post and if you did, let me know in the comments below! You can also find me on Pinterest and Facebook for more awesome psychological facts!

10 Psychological Facts About Breakups

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