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  1. The times that I was brokenhearted were awful times. I hated having that person, who “dumped me” on my mind all of the time and feeling inadequate and not good enough. Yes, time heals all wounds and I DID get over them. Now that I look back, I see all of the hurt and pain that I went through as a complete waste of time. Having the same feelings for that person now that I did then, would take a miracle. “It wasn’t meant to be.” THAT is the truth. You don’t “get” anything for all of the hurt. Pick yourself up. Look ahead and keep moving forward.

    1. I could not have said it better! So glad you made it through and moved on to something so much better! Knowing and trusting that you deserve better and leaving behind the past will make you stronger emotionally and help you handle new relationships better! Thank you so much for reading and stay awesome!

    2. So very true 👍🏾. It takes time and you have to try and take it as a learning lesson.

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