10 Shocking Psychological Facts About Death

10 Shocking Psychological Facts About Death

Here are 10 psychological facts about death worth knowing that will shock you! Death is something we can’t run away from, it is inevitable and has to happen eventually! We go through life thinking that we will live forever, rich people spend millions of dollars on longevity trials daily but no matter what we do, it has to happen.

Death is like birth, it is the cycle of life! What happens after we die or during the dying process is a myth and no one knows with complete certainty. With that being said, the human mind is powerful and has its way of dealing with every situation. Let’s dive in and see what psychology has to say about dying and hopefully, it can help ease the tension a little.

10 Shocking Psychological Facts About Death

10 Shocking Psychological Facts About Death 

Did you know that over one hundred and fifty thousand people die each day around the world? Yes. it’s true, according to the CIA’s factbook, 8 out of every 1000 people die. Simply put, it is the cycle of life, we are born, we live and then we die!

Science defines death as:

the cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism that is universal, inevitable, and occurs in all living organisms.

Scientists believe that death is a process and not a black and white moment, there have been studies on near-death and out of the body experiences but up to date, non can be proved with absolute certainty. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Hearing Is Last

According to scientific research, the hearing is the last sense to go, and that people always tend to share their last thoughts with loved ones during the dying process. It is also believed that when a person is dying, talking around them will prevent them from letting go. 

2. You Cannot Die Of Old Age

Research shows that people don’t actually die of old age instead we die of diseases that come with aging, inactivity, and accidents. Scientifically, old age has not been recognized as a direct cause of death. Do you know when people used to live for a thousand years in the bible? That’s because back then, there wasn’t any junk food!

3. The White Light Is Not A Myth

If you thought that people were trying to be dramatic when people who had near-death experiences said that they saw the “white light” think again! Science says that people do actually see the white light right before they die! According to David Hovda from the UCLA medical research center says that most of your brain shuts down right before you die.

As the shutting down process happens, you begin to see a white light at the end of the tunnel.

4. Out Of The Body Experiences Are Real

According to research done in Switzerland, people actually do have out of the body experiences before they die. This is because when life is about to leave your body, stimulation happens on the right side of your brain. Most reports of NDE’s stated that people actually felt like they were floating above the room and were able to see and hear what others were doing and saying.

5. Facing Death Is Healthy

Research shows that actually facing the thought of death and accepting that it has to happen eventually is healthy and will make you live your life to the fullest. Being afraid of death or dying will stop you from living. 

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6. Doctors Handwriting Are Scary!

Research shows that doctor’s handwriting is to blame for over 7000 deaths in the United States alone every year! Always make sure you get your doctor to recheck his prescription before filling them up just to be safe because apparently, a wrong letter can cause a disaster!

7. Awareness Goes On A Few Minutes After

Doctors, scientists, and researchers all seem to believe that people actually experience awareness and stays active a few minutes and sometimes for hours after they die. This is why some people recount experiences after they were brought back to life.

8. We Eat Ourselves After Death

This one is kind of gross and just the thought of it makes me wanna puke! Research shows that three days after we die the very enzymes that break down our food begin to eat our body! Can you imagine eating your own body? I know it’s not the same but it’s still gross!

9. Our Cells Die Too

 Did you know that our cells die even while we are still alive? Well, according to science, over 300 million of the cells in our body die every single minute! Such a scary fact!

10. Six Feet Under

Did you know that people weren’t always buried six feet deep into the ground? The decision was made during the plague outbreak in England in 1665 to bury people 6 feet deep and prevent the virus from spreading. 

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Interesting Death Facts

Below are other interesting death facts for fact lovers to binge on!

  • Over 7 million people die each year around the world from air pollution alone
  • One of the leading preventable deaths worldwide is caused by the lack of exercise
  • More people die from taking selfies each year than from shark attacks
  • Left-handed people die 3 years earlier than right-handed people
  • A person’s muscle twitches periodically up to 6 hours after death 
  • Hair and fingernails stop growing after death
  • There are over 200 preserved dead bodies on Mount Everest
  • Data shows that malaria is responsible for half the deaths worldwide
  • Car accidents are responsible for 1.2 million deaths worldwide yearly
  • Poverty causes the deaths of 29.000 children daily worldwide
  • 830 women die of childbirth daily worldwide
  • People who eat fewer calories live longer than people who do
  • Thomas Edison’s last words were “It is very beautiful over there.”
  • Suicide victims are higher than murdered victims in New York city


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