25 Fascinating Psychological Facts About Attraction

Psychological Facts About Attraction

Wondering if your partner is attracted to you or just trying to understand the laws of attraction? Well, here are 10 psychological facts about attraction worth knowing. Being attracted to someone is different from being in love. Although both feelings may feel similar, you could be attracted to someone without being in love with them.

Research shows that physical attraction is more common than emotional attraction. Someone can be attracted to you physically but not emotionally. Physical attraction usually ends up being a fling while emotional attraction may grow into a long-term relationship. Continue reading to find out what happens when someone is attracted to you. 

Psychological Facts About Attraction

Fascinating Psychological Facts About Attraction

Everyone sees or feels attraction differently, what you may find beautiful or attractive can be quite the opposite for the next person. With that being said, human biology is the main factor that makes you feel attracted to a specific type of beauty instead of others. Similar to animals, human attraction is caused by a biological desire to mate and reproduce, the younger the opposite sex is, the more attracted you will feel towards them.

1. Symmetrical Faces

Studies show that people with symmetrical faces are thought to be the most attractive compared to asymmetrical faces. If you find yourself attracted to someone with a symmetrical face, blame it on biology!

2. Parental Resemblance

Also known as the Oedipus Syndrome, research shows that 90% of people are attracted to others who resemble their parents. If your parents we young when you were born, you will find younger people attractive. If you had older parents when you were born, you will find older faces attractive.

3. Wearing Red

Studies show that wearing red color clothing will make people attracted to you. This is true for both men and women because the color red is considered superior. Another study also shows that the attraction to red is unconscious so if you are trying to attract that special someone, why not take out that sexy red dress!

4. Smiling

Research suggests that men find women very attractive when they smile while women find men who smile less often more attractive. If you are a gal, try smiling more, and if you are a guy, stay stern!

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5. Higher Pitched Voices

If a woman finds a man attractive, she will automatically and unconsciously begin to speak in a very high pitched voice. Try not to let him know that you have a crush by lowering your voice.

6. Weight & Height

Studies show that women who weigh 10 kilograms more than they should find a harder time finding dates. Men on the other hand are less attractive if they are shorter than they should be by a few inches. Start losing some of those extra pounds girls and guys, try wearing some shoe pads. 

7. Large Boobs

Studies show that men are more attracted to women with large boobs. Some researchers believe that this is because women with larger breasts produce more milk for their offsprings. 

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8. Beards

Many studies show that women find men with long beards more attractive than men with none. They also state that this is because men with beards look stronger and more responsible. Other studies show that men with beards make better parents. 

9. Younger & Older

Studies show that women are more attracted to older men while men are more attracted to younger women. This is because men find women who are younger to be more fertile while women find men who are older to be more caring, responsible, and mature.

10. Competing

Studies show that people find others attractive when they see that the person is getting attention from others. If a man sees a woman being smiled at by another man, he will automatically find that woman attractive as well. This is because humans are born competitive. 

11. Large Belly

Research shows that men with large bellies are found less attractive and vice versa. Try getting rid of that belly fat!

12. Copying

Studies show that when two people are in love or attracted to each other, they will begin to copy each other’s actions. 

13. Money

Research shows that women are more attracted to men with wealth while men are attracted to women of youth and beauty.

14. First Move

Psychology predicts that the person who makes the first move in a relationship is the one who is more attractive and feels the most attraction. 

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15. Adrenaline

Research shows that adrenaline has a lot to do with attraction! Apparently, people find others more attractive when they themselves are experiencing an adrenaline rush!

16. Alchohol

If you met someone who thought that you were attractive while he or she was drunk or drinking, you need to evaluate your encounter. Research shows that people who are drunk tend to find everyone attractive. 

17. Masculine Men

Studies show that women tend to find masculine men more attractive when they are ovulating and not so attractive at other times of the month. 

18. Sunglasses

Research shows that wearing sunglasses will make people feel attracted to you. This is because sunglasses give your face the appearance of being symmetrical and mysterious.

19. Eyebrows

If someone raises an eyebrow while looking at you, it means that they are attracted to you.

20. Lips

If someone part’s their lips while looking or speaking to you, it means that he or she is attracted to you.

21. Fidgeting

Studies show that if someone is fidgeting with their clothes or hands when you are around, it means that they are nervous and attracted to you.

22. Hair Grooming

If someone is attracted to you, they will unconsciously begin to groom their hair or get loose strands into place when you are around.

23. Soft Touches 

If someone is attracted to you, they will unconsciously touch you on your elbow, forearm, or on your back. 

24. Distraction

If someone is attracted to you, they will take frequent sips of their drink when drinking if you are around. The same goes for smoking, the will take frequent puffs so watch out for those signs.

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25. Flexing

Research shows that if a man is attracted to a woman, he will unconsciously begin to flex his body or position himself in a way that will show off his best features. 


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Psychological Facts About Attraction

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