16 Psychology Facts About Flirting Worth Knowing

16 Psychology Facts About Flirting Worth Knowing

Playing with someone’s hair during a conversation, playfully touching his or her shoulder, or passively holder his or her hands are all common ways of flirting. People use flirting to make others feel good about them and to also feel good about themselves. In this post, we will go over 16 psychology facts about flirting to help you understand how, why, and when it is used.

There are so many reasons why people flirt, some of the most common reasons are: they want to get into bed with you, they find you attractive, they are just trying to have fun, trying to get something done, increase intimacy in a relationship or simply just because they want to increase their self-esteem.

16 Psychology Facts About Flirting Worth Knowing

16 Psychology Facts About Flirting Worth Knowing

Studies show that men tend to think that every woman who smiles at them is into them, women on the other hand, usually don’t even notice it when a man is checking her out or finds her attractive. This is because women are brought up as modest creatures while men are raised as superior, dominant and tend to see more sex in their environment.

1. Smelling Good

This may sound a little out of the ordinary but did you know that your scent causes a flirting effect? Yep! Studies show that scents like lavender, baby cream, dried fruit, and cheap tanning lotions can play with a man’s emotion and stir up all kinds of feelings.

2. Red vs Pink

Research shows that wearing red lipstick while talking to a man will make him stare at your lips for more than 7.3 seconds and become mesmerized. Pink lipstick on the other hand will only keep him staring for a little over 6 seconds. Better get out that bright red hue if you want to flirt with that secret crush of yours.

3. Hair Flip

Another common nonverbal form of flirting by women is the hair flip! Research shows that women tend to do the hair flip more than once during a conversation with someone they find attractive or they want to flirt with. Get the message guys the next time a gal flips those locks!

4. Effective Over Attractive

Did you know that the more effective you are in flirting the better your chances of making your crush fall for you? Yes, research shows that when it comes to flirting, effective will always win over attractive. This means that you can make anyone fall for you by saying the right words even if you are not attractive at all!

5. Women Are To Blame

Did you know that over 90% of the time women are the ones who initiate flirting! Yep! Studies show that men usually only pursue women who send out flirting signals so even though we think of men as MEN, women should be blamed for men straying!

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6. Making Eye Contact

Did you know that making eye contact with someone you are attracted to will make them take interest in you? Yes, making eye contact is an ancient nonverbal form of flirting that people have used to establish interest. The tip is to watch and see if the person you are making eye contact with actually has dilated pupils when looking back at you. If he or she does, it means that they are interested as well.

7. Humor

You don’t always have to work hard at making someone fall in love with you or get attracted to you, sometimes just a little humor will do the trick. This type of flirting is the easiest of them all and seems to work very well on almost anyone. Studies show that humor greatly influences how close you are to your partner or making someone like you. Being funny is attractive and can be used as an icebreaker in intense situations.

8. Playing Hard To Get

Playing hard to get is an unconscious form of flirting and it is one that is commonly used by millions around the world. People want what they can’t have and if a man thinks that he can’t have you, the more he will want you. Research shows that playing hard to get creates an illusion of scarcity which makes a person seem more valuable.

9. Smiling

Studies show that women who smile more are found to be more attractive than those that don’t. Smiling at a man will make him feel at ease around you and create feelings of warmness towards you. If you really want to be with someone and can’t stand to go the extra mile with flirting, try smiling, it may do the trick!

16 Psychology Facts About Flirting Worth Knowing

10. Brooding

Studies show that while men find women who smile attractive over women who don’t. women on the other hand find men who brood extremely attractive over men who smile. Men who are serious have a bad boy attitude and look about them that women can’t seem to get enough of!

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11. Mirroring Body Language

Research suggests that people tend to mirror the body language of others they find attractive or those they are in agreement with. If you find that someone is copying your actions constantly, it means that they are into you or trying to flirt with you. This is a clear sign of invitation. Also, 55% of flirting is actually body language.

12. Talking Smoothly

Changing the tone of your voice when talking to someone you find attractive is another type of flirting that so many people use to make another fall for them! Studies show that talking smoothly is preferred and calming compared to speaking in a high pitched voice. Varying your tone and choosing the right words is the way to go the next time you are out flirting!

13. Pigeon Toes

One of the best ways to notice right away if someone is interested in you is by watching the toes. Research shows that if a person’s feet are pointing towards each other during a conversation with you, it means that the person is approachable and open to your advances. With that being said, if the feet are pointing away from each other, it means that they are not interested.

14. Time And Place Matters

Studies show that to be successful in flirting, you will need to choose the right time and place to do it. This is because every situation sets its own mood. If you want to get positive responses when flirting, try doing it at parties, celebrations, and social organizations instead of at a restaurant while someone is eating or at a church while someone is worshiping.

15. Healthy

Did you know that flirting actually has an impact on your health? Yep! Research shows that people who flirt are healthier than people who don’t! Believe it or not, studies show that the T-cells count in people who flirt regularly is higher. T-cells are white blood cells that are a vital part of our body’s immune system.

16. The Weather Matters

Did you know that the weather plays a very important role in the success of your flirting actions? Yes, studies show that men are very good at flirting when the sun is hot and shining while women are in a better mood and easily approachable as well. Now that you know this little secret fact, try flirting the next time you are out on the beach!

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As you can see, there are so many ways to detect when someone is flirting with you, flirting is fun and people do it all the time. If you found this post awesome, don’t forget to share it because you are that awesome! You can also find me on Pinterest for more awesome facts. Don’t be shy to leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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