8 Things That Hurt Guys Feelings

things that hurt guys feelings

Honestly, I don’t know if you are reading this because you want to get back at some guy who hurt you or if you want to obtain knowledge to prevent hurting the guy you love. Either way, you are about to find out about 8 things that hurt guys feelings and I’ll let you decide how you plan to use this information.

Men are men, they try not to show that they have feelings, they cover it up with their egos but guess what? Some men are actually more sensitive than women! They hurt too and you would be surprised to know that very common things like the ones listed below can actually hurt a guy’s feelings very deeply.

things that hurt guys feelings

8 Things That Hurt Guys Feelings

1. Not Being Needed

This is first on the list because it is probably one of the worst feelings on earth for a man. You see, men love to feel needed, they enjoy the feeling of being depended on especially when it is with someone they truly love. Showing a guy that he is not needed will make him feel useless and the core of a man’s existence is to provide for and to protect the woman he loves therefore making him feel useless will hurt him very much.

2. Not Being There On Important Events

This one says it all simply because it’s true for both men and women. Everyone wants to share a happy moment or a special event with someone they love. If you are not there for him when he needs you to be, it will hurt his feelings.

Men love to be put first, they love to feel like a priority. If you are not around for his birthday, promotion, games, or any of his special moments, it’ll make him feel unimportant and that can be a very painful feeling.

3. Complaining When He’s Doing His Best

Ladies, men are usually insensitive to our feelings and it’s hard to find a guy who will go the extra mile just to make us feel happy and secure. If he is doing his utmost best to make you feel loved and happy, not forgetting those important moments and making you his priority, you need to forget about his shortcomings and make him feel appreciated.

Not appreciating and constantly trying to complain about every little thing he does will hurt him deeply and drive him away from you! I mean, if he is not trying at all or stepping up to the plate in the relationship, you can complain but if he is doing his share, complaining when he is doing his best will ruin your relationship.

4. Not Complementing Him

I am pretty sure that you love to get some compliment rolling every now and then right? Words like you look nice, you smell sweet, you look sexy can really give your self-confidence a boost right? Well, not complimenting your man every now and then will hurt his feelings and lower his self-esteem. This will also cause him to go out and get attention and compliments elsewhere sweetie.

things that hurt guys feelings

5. Rejecting Him

One of the most common problems I see between couples regularly is the fight over rejection! Women have really hectic days, babies, kids, house, chores, and cooking that at the end of the day, all they want to do is lift up those feet, soak in a hot tub and relax those sore muscles. Yeah, just know that rejecting intimacy with your man will hurt him and make him go out and find it elsewhere!

You see, you may be arguing right now that you didn’t have the kids by yourself or you do more than enough of your share but honestly ladies, let’s be real, if you really love your man, no matter how tired you are, you will find time for him.

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6. Speaking Of The Attractiveness Of Othe Men

Now a lot of women do this without even thinking! Oh, he’s cute, oooo, look at those muscles, wooo, he’s fine! All that wooing and ooing should be said about your man and your man alone! No man wants to feel like they are in competition with other men! If you got thoughts about how other men look, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!

Just a little question, how would you feel if your man said sexy things about other women right in your face? Well, that’s exactly how he feels when you do it!

7. Telling Him He’s A Loser

Look, ladies, let’s be real here, life is hard, it is difficult, it brings a man down so low that sometimes getting back up can feel like the weight of the world on his shoulders! If your man is trying his darn best to make ends meet or to provide for you and his family, you need to appreciate him and what he does!

Telling him or making him feel like a loser is like putting a gun to his head especially when he is trying! If you think he is not doing enough, there are so many ways to help him instead of making him like nothing! Research ideas, talk to him, ask him what you can do to help, let him express his frustration to you, be compassionate and not condescending!

8. Show Too Much Attention To Other Men

Men are jealous, yes but aren’t we all? Men are extremely protective of the women they love and they don’t want to man flirting with their woman! I don’t care how much a man likes his friend, if his woman is showing him too much attention, Your Guy is gonna feel hurt! Your love, praises, attention, should be for you man and your man alone!


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