10 True Psychological Facts About Friendship Worth Knowing

10 True Psychological Facts About Friendship Worth Knowing

True friendship is extremely difficult to find, if you have a friend that is always there for you through the good bad, and ugly, you definitely want to hang on to them and never let go! Below are 25 psychological facts about friendship that will make you think twice about taking your friends for granted.

A real friend is always there for you no matter what, they will always check up on you, offer their opinion about situations and things going on in your life. They will always want to be around you even if you make them feel like shit, a true friend will never let you down and will always stick by your side when things go wrong.

10 True Psychological Facts About Friendship Worth Knowing

10 True Psychological Facts About Friendship Worth Knowing

If you have someone in your life who is there for you through good times and bad times, you need to keep them close. It is hard to find someone who will like you unconditionally and put your happiness first even if it costs them. Below are some of the best psychological facts about friendship that will make you see who your true friends are more clearly.

1. Makes You More Productive

Study shows that having a true friend in your life that is always there for you and tells you the truth no matter what will make you more productive in your everyday life. Data shows that having real friends will make you seven times more productive at the workplace, at home, and abroad.

2. Makes Marriage A Success

Psychology says that when married couples are friends, the marriage is 5 times more likely to last compared to a marriage that consists of intimacy alone. Data shows that people who were friends before getting married to each other had a stronger bond and a long-lasting marriage.

3. Get Well Faster

Study shows that people who have friends around during sickness or a stressful situation tend to get well faster than those who don’t. Spending time with a friend when sick or depressed will help speed up your recovery.

4. Even Babies Recognize Friendship

Did you know that babies as young as 9 months old can actually recognize true friendship even between strangers when they see it? Yes, it’s true! According to science, babies are great at reading facial expressions and they can tell a fake smile from miles away. When someone shows genuine affection towards another, it can be felt by babies.

10 True Psychological Facts About Friendship Worth Knowing

5. Not Everyone Is Your Friend

Studies show that not everyone you are friends with actually feels the same way about you! Data shows that only half of your friends will share the same feelings towards you. Listen to your heart, the human mind and heart never lie, if you have doubts about someone, there probably is a very good reason and your sixth sense is trying to tell you!

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6. Dunbar’s Number

Data shows that you can actually maintain a casual friendship with up to 150 people at once. This is also known as the Dunbar’s number. The theory is simple, it is estimated that your cognitive limit cannot exceed 150 relationships at once. This is because your brain can only keep count of so many details when it comes to names, faces e.t.c

7. Quality Over Quantity

As stated above, you can have up to 150 casual friends but when it comes to true friendship, that number goes all the way down to 3! Having someone who feels the same way about you, shares your happiness, and stands by you unconditionally is rare and only comes by two or three times in a lifetime.

8. Makes Work Exciting

Did you know that having true friends at your workplace makes you enjoy working by over 8 percent? Data shows that people stay longer with certain jobs not because of the job but because of the friends they have at a job. The more friends you have the more enjoyable your work will be.

9. Five Important Qualities

Data shows that there are actually five important qualities that must be present in a friendship for it to lasts. Without them, a friendship will never last. A true friendship must consist of affection. it must be voluntary, it has to be mutual, there should be an equal ground and it needs to be personal.

10. Makes You Live Longer

Having true friends in your life will actually make you live 22% longer than those who don’t. Data shows that people who were in palliative care and had regular visits from friends lived longer than those who didn’t. Also, psychology says that if a friendship lasts more than seven years, it will last a lifetime.


Now you understand the psychological facts about friendship and how to spot who your true friends are! If you enjoyed reading this post, please share it with your friends and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Until next time, stay safe and awesome!


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