5 Trick Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend To Catch Him In A Lie

Trick Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Ever wondered if your hubby is cheating on you or hiding his true feelings for you? Well if you have, you are not alone! At some point in a relationship, every girl wonders or has her doubts. If you are going through this phase as well, the following trick questions to ask your boyfriend will definitely help you get some answers!

Maybe you think he’s cheating, maybe you think he’s checking out other women or maybe you think he doesn’t love you the way he says he does! There will come a time in every relationship where a girl will want to know the answers to these questions. Read on to find out how you can trick him into getting answers!

Trick Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

5 Trick Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend To Catch Him In A Lie

Spying on your partner and trying to read him or nagging him about his affairs will drive him away from you. If your man is looking out or if you think he is cheating, you need to get your cards in order and get to the bottom of why he will want to cheat in the first place!

If you love your boyfriend and don’t want to lose him, try to work through things and find out what you are doing wrong in the relationship to make him want to be with someone else. With all that serious stuff out of the way, let’s get on with these trick questions to ask your hubby!

1. How Would You Feel About Being With Someone Else?

This one is a little harsh and tricky therefore you need to tread the waters carefully because if it comes out wrong, it may backfire on you especially if you have a jealous and faithful partner! You need to ask him like this “what do you think about people who go out with other people while in a relationship”. This way, there is no indication that you could be interested in one yourself and may save you trouble.

Now, if he thinks it’s okay to have affairs outside of a relationship and is not bothered by the idea, it means that cheating with someone else comes easily to him. If your boyfriend loves you, he will want to be with you and only you! He will not want other men around you and definitely won’t want to hurt your feelings by being with other women.

2. What Is Your Ideal Relationship?

This one is awesome because it can help you understand what your partner wants in a relationship and give you an opportunity to work on yours. If he thinks what you both have is what he wants for his future, he will think long and hards before giving you a detailed answer. If he can’t seem to find his words and starts to look around for help, it means that he does not think you guys have something good going on.

If he includes you in the image of his ideal relationship while trying to explain it to you, it means that he wants you in his future and is in love with you.

3. Do You Like Women Who Are Bigger?

Well, this one is easy! If you don’t have big body parts and he says he finds them attractive, it means that he looks at women who have them when he is out. But wait, don’t all guys prefer it bigger? Well, yes, they all do and maybe he just looks at them and finds them attractive but loves you just the way you are!

Yeah Right! In that case, if he tells you the truth and says he likes women with all of the above but loves you just the way you are, ask him if he thinks you should get some work done! If his answer is yes, and you are confident the way you are, tell him o hit the road cause he is definitely gonna go out on you and blame you for it as well.

4. If You Had To Choose All Over Again, Would You Choose Me?

Look, let’s be realistic here, he is definitely not going to come right up and say it in your face! If he is that honest, he wouldn’t still be in a relationship with you if he thought you are not the right person for him! With that being said, maybe he could be trying to buy time and wait for miss right to come along.

Now that we have that out of the way, if your man is in love with you and telling you the truth, you will see it in his eyes, hear it in his voice and feel it in his touch! If he is telling you the truth, he will look you straight in the eyes when answering your question.

5. Do You Find Someone At Work Attractive?

This question is very tricky and should help you catch your boyfriend in a lie right away! You see, everyone finds a colleague attractive even if they don’t have intentions of going out with them. I mean unless he works with a bunch of guys, if there is a female at his workplace, there might be something he finds attractive about her.

If he is honest, he will tell you the truth and his answer should be yes. He will tell you that he finds her attractive but doesn’t have intentions of doing anything about it. If he is lying, he will tell you hell no! You are the only woman I find attractive! Lierrrrr!

How To Tell If He Is Lying

In most cases when someone is trying to form a lie, it will take a minute or two for them to come up with an answer to your question. This is because they are trying to fill in the blanks and tell you what you want to hear. Another way to tell if your boyfriend is lying is if he has a lack of expression when answering your question.

Fidgeting with his fingers, having a boring posture, and shrugging when trying to answer your questions are all signs that he is not telling you the truth. The eyes can also tell signs of lying as well, if a person looks away, move their eyes around or stare bleakly, it means that he is trying to form a lie.

How To Tell If He IS Telling The Truth

Similar to catching a person in a lie, you can also tell if he or she is telling the truth as well. If your boyfriend is telling the truth when you are asking him these trick questions, he will look you strain in the eye and hold a steady gaze. His voice and breathing will also be steady and his answer will be more longer and detailed. If he is not conveying any of the lying signs above when answering your questions, he is telling you the truth!

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