60 Funny Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend To Make Him Laugh

Funny Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend To Make Him Laugh

Looking for ways to spice up your relationship and make your hubby fall head over heels for you? Well, there is a lot of ways to reach your goal but the fastest way into a man’s heart is by making him laugh! In this post, you will find over 60 funny questions to ask your boyfriend to make him laugh!

Laughter is so good for your heart, mind, and soul! Making it a habit of including laughter into any situation or relationship will make it last longer and build a bond between you and your partner. Think about it, if you meet someone today and that person said something very funny to make you laugh, will you ever forget him or her?

Funny Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend To Make Him Laugh

60 Funny Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend To Make Him Laugh

Using the following questions to make your boyfriend laugh after a long day at work will help him forget his tiredness I guarantee it! You can also check out these trick questions and romantic questions to ask your boyfriend when you both are feeling bored as well. Before we move on, I just want to warn you that some of the following questions will shock your boyfriend’s boots off his feet!

  • If you were superman, how would you use your powers?
  • How would you feel about kissing a chicken?
  • Can you spell tits backward?
  • Have you ever peed in public?
  • When was the last time you laughed really hard and why?
  • Which animal do you think of as sexy?
  • Why do men have testicles?
  • When is the funniest thing you’ve ever done?
  • What’s your best joke of all time?
  • Why do men have nipples?
  • What’s the funniest wifi name you’ve ever seen?
  • Worst smell you’ve ever smelled?
  • What’s your most useless talent?
  • What’s the stupidest question you’ve ever been asked?
  • If you swallowed an ice cube whole, will you poop it out?
  • If you had $5 dollars to spend at the grocery store, what 5 funny things will you buy?
  • If buddha was a girl, would you ask her out?
  • If you were a zombie in the walking dead, who would you try your hardest to bite, Rick, Derryl, or Negan?
  • What funny words would you use to insult someone indirectly?
  • If it was your last day on earth, would you tell a joke or would you say a prayer?


Funny Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend To Make Him Laugh

Funny Questions To Ask Him While Texting

So 99% of the time, you are going to communicate with your hubby through text messaging and it can get so boring at times when you just can’t find something to talk about! You can easily use the following funny questions to ask him while texting to spice things up a little!

  • If a ghost told you to go to hell, what will be your response?
  • If you had 3 testicles, where will you put the third one?
  • Do I fart while sleeping next to you?
  • Will you agree to marry a 100-year-old millionaire with one single front tooth?
  • If you had to choose between a donkey, a cow, or a giraffe as a pet, what would be your choice?
  • If I stood naked in the middle of the highway, would you think it was funny?
  • If you could choose a parent, who would it be, Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker, or Rebel Wilson?
  • Would you sleep with a 700-pound cow if it cost you your life?
  • If you could talk to sponge bob, what would you say?
  • Can you say funny backward?
  • Did you know that there is actually an animal called colon rectum?
  • Have you ever named your farts depending on the sound and smell?
  • Would you date a girl name Holly Garden?
  • Would you name your cat Jabba the Butt if you had one?

Funny Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend While Eating

Having a laugh during lunch or dinner is an amazing way to bond with your partner and guess what, it’ll make you both finish your plates without even noticing! Check out the funny questions below!

  • Why does the breeze don’t have a color?
  • Why does teusday come after monday?
  • Why does water have a transparent color?
  • Why do cats say meow?
  • Why does Zizi eat alot?
  • Why do people see from the eyes?
  • Why does a boiling water make sound?
  • Why do elephants swim in red shorts?
  • Why do kids get scored for asking stupid questions?
  • Why do people laugh when someone falls?
  • Why do kids visualize their parents as monsters?
  • Why do people run behind a moving bus while laughing?
  • Why do adults have very loud farts?
  • Why do babies cry when they are hungry?
  • Why don’t they make cat food with rat flavor?
  • We know about the spped of light but what about the speed of darkness?
  • When you run foward you lose weight, if you run backwards, will you gain weight?
  • Why do people laugh when they see something funny?


Now you have over 60 funny questions to ask your boyfriend to make him laugh! If you found this post interesting or liked it, please share it with your friends and I would love it if you would take the time to follow me on Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter to get notified of future posts when I publish them.

funny questions to ask your boyfriend to make him laugh

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