9 Strange Psychological Facts About Tall Guys

psychological facts about tall guys

Short or tall, it doesn’t matter – or does it? Men who are physically tall have certain characteristics that set them apart. A taller man will usually be more confident, have higher self-esteem, and also have a higher IQ than his short counterpart according to psychologists.

There are numerous psychological facts regarding tall guys. Although genetics do play a role in most human traits, most individual differences are due to environmental factors. We all know that tall guys can be listed among the good-looking ones. This is mostly because of their looks and the way they carry themselves with confidence around others.

psychological facts about tall guys

Psychological Facts About Tall Guys

These facts about tall guys are some of the most fascinating that psychologists have observed. Tall men are more likely to be considered attractive, more likely to win a basketball game, more likely to be hired for a job, more likely to be considered trustworthy, but less likely to be chosen as the “designated driver.”

1. Recognition & Prizes

Neurologists have found that tall men aren’t “macho” or “aggressive”. In fact, they found that tall guys were actually drawn to creative and artistic professions. This is because tall people, generally speaking, have a want to be appreciated for their minds instead of their physical appearance.

They also aren’t drawn to self-aggrandizing or aggressive professions. To be a tall man in business is to be a salesman or a team leader. The neurologists show that tall people are drawn to prizes and recognition for achievements, rather than power over others.

2. Women Love Tall Men

Let’s face it, women are attracted to tall men. Some of the reasons are obvious, but part of it is subconscious attraction due to evolutionary psychology. We are wired to favor taller men.

3. Have High Ranking Positions

A study has found that tall men are more likely to become involved in politics or to achieve high-ranking positions within the army or government. Men who are just 3 inches taller than average are 15 percent more likely to reach political office.

The research team, from the London School of Economics, also discovered that these men are more likely to marry attractive women who are shorter than them

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4. Lower Self-Esteem

Being tall seems to bring about both advantages and disadvantages to men (and women). People assume that tall people such as football players, basketball players, and movie stars must be extremely smart and intelligent.

On the other hand, there is a lot of evidence that suggests that tall men tend to have lower self-esteem than their short counterparts, and suffer from depression and marital issues more than short men.

5. Stronger Presence

I’m sure you’ve heard lately that the alpha male in the pack is the tallest one. That’s because, on average, he can more easily intimidate competing males with his sheer size. Tall guys are perceived as stronger, more intelligent, better leaders, and generally more dominant by women of all sizes.

A recent study has shown that the taller of two men will be preferred by women of all heights if they are selecting one of them to date. As for why this is true, research shows that our brains use two types of cues when we make decisions – social and physical. Taller men simply project a stronger presence.

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6. Better Health

Being tall is good for your health. Tall men are reported to have a lower risk of heart disease, gout, and tuberculosis than shorter men. Studies show that taller people are more assertive than shorter individuals, making them more likely to excel in leadership positions.

7. 2X As Many Clicks

Did you know that a study found men who are 6′ or taller get almost 2x as many clicks from online dating profiles and that the ideal height for a guy is 6’2″? When women look at short guys, they assess them differently from tall guys.

They assess short men as lower status and not as masculine. The impression of height also relates to rates of how much money they have.

8. Have More Dates

According to a University of Utah study, taller men have increased confidence, increased income, and are more likely to have a leadership role. This same study has shown that shorter people feel less confident and less successful. Taller men were even more likely to have more partners since the age of 18 compared to their shorter counterparts.

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9. Afraid Of Appearing Aggressive

The average height of a man 5 feet 10 inches or taller is between 6 feet to 6 feet 2 inches. Tall guys are generally more confident, attractive and earn more money than short men. On the flip side, being tall comes with its own set of difficulties.

Tall guys have to stretch their arms higher to reach things on the top shelf, they are often hesitant to talk to people that are shorter than them for fear of appearing too aggressive or domineering.

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