fun facts about friendship

Looking for some fun facts about friendship? Look no further, here are 15 fun facts that will make you smile. Friendship is not just about finding someone to take walks or exchange views, it’s about finding that one person who will stick by your side during tough times, share all your fears and anxieties.

There are tons of different kinds of friendships, people that are considered friends are individuals that know each other very well. A true friendship is one where trust is present. It is important to have at least one friend that you can confide in.

fun facts about friendship

15 Fun Facts About Friendship

The best friends are the ones who have been with us for years, helping us grow and see new things. Here are some fun facts about friendship that you may not have heard before.

1. Animals Can Be Friends Too

Several studies have shown that many animals have friendships with other animals of different species. Baboons, elephants, dolphins, horses, and chimpanzees are all known to be social animals.

2. Babies Can Tell

Nine-month-old babies can understand social relationships even before they can walk or talk. They watch strangers talking and can make guesses whether these strangers are friends or not!

3. Irregulate Stress Levels

Everyone needs a break from work. And talking about your problems with friends is usually a good one. But, there’s a downside: it doesn’t help to solve the problem and it actually increases your stress levels and your friends!

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4. Fearless

When you’re with friends, things become less risky even though you might be doing something dangerous. If you feel like something is too dangerous and probably should not do it, you can do it if you’re with other people.

5. Remember 1,500 People’s Names

Sociologists have found that we can maintain on average 500 people in our network, and we can name on average the faces and names of 1,500 people.

6. The Dunbar Number

A study from Harvard University suggests that the number of friends that any of us can handle at any given time is 150. This figure has a name; it is called ‘The Dunbar Number.’

7. Respect

Good friends require good grounds for creating a friendship. If you don’t have the time to invest in making friends, they won’t have time to invest in making friends with you.

8. Long Lasting Friendship

Research has shown that you’ll have better friends if you’re willing to spend more time with them.

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9. Don’t Feel The Same Way

According to a joint study conducted by MIT and Tel Aviv University, many of your friends don’t feel the same way about your friendship as you do.

10. Has Certain Requirements

In an article, a researcher of Ohio University put forward five requirements for friendship, i.e., friends should be voluntary, personal, mutual, on the same ground, and affectionate. The researcher drew inspiration from Aristotle, a Greek philosopher.

11. Great For marriage

If you want to improve your marriage, you should pay more attention to having a quality friendship with your spouse than trying to be physically intimate with him or her.

12. Motivates You

Studies show that people are more motivated to exercise in the presence of their friends. Also, in a study of people who had been smoking for an average of 23 years, only 36% said that they had quit smoking because of a friend or a family member.

13. You Mirror Your Friends Actions

People who spend time with friends tend to pick up on their habits. A study found that if one friend in a friend circle is obese, you also tend to eat a little extra unknowingly.

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14. Increases Your Health Risks

A recent study has shown that women who have no friends are twice as likely to succumb to cancer. Women without companions are 66% more likely to succumb to any disease than the ones with companions.

15. The 7 Years Theory

According to one statistics survey, the average person has seven friends. However, new scientific studies show that you will lose half of your friends every seven years. This is the reason why it is said that if your friendship lasts for more than seven years, it will last a lifetime!

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