How To Make A Girl Miss You Like Crazy!

how to make a girl miss you

In this post, you will get amazing tips on how to make a girl miss you dearly without even thinking! If you are in love with a girl that is not showing the same amount of interest as you, these tips will have her missing you and finding ways to show her feelings faster than a lightning bolt!

If you want to make a girl miss you badly, you will have to give her a reason to in the first place. If you are nice to her and always flattering her with words of love, she will miss you when you are not around. Making a girl miss you is an art, here are the steps that you can take to increase your chances of success.

how to make a girl miss you


How To Make A Girl Miss You Like Crazy

Want to make her miss you like crazy or miss you soo badly that she is unable to eat, drink or sleep? The following tips below will have her eating out of your palms and missing you so badly, your head will spin!

1. Always make her laugh whenever you can, laughter is the key to her heart!

2. Be her best friend more than her lover!

3. Give her a lot of space so that she doesn’t feel suffocated.

4. Always be there for her whenever she needs you!

5. Never become clingy or overly available!

6. Don’t send her too many texts, limit your texting to 3 or 4 times per day. 

7. Show her that you are emotionally independent and not clingy.

8. Be as charming as you can be when talking or chatting with her!

9. Always be a good listener when she has something to tell you.

10. Show interest in her friends and hobbies.

11. Send her compliments as often as possible.

12. Be a gentleman but also be a romantic.

13. Be nice but not overly nice.

14. Be consistent with her but also find little ways to make her feel jealous. 

15. Send her messages in the evenings so that you are on her mind all night.

16. Always treat her well in public and around your friends.

17. Send her a song that is very special to you.

18. Do other things in your life that makes you happy so that you are not overly available.

19. Respect and value her opinion, this will make her feel loved and special to you.

how to make a girl miss you

How To Make A Girl Miss You Over Text

If you spend most of your time using your phone or computer to converse with your sweetheart, you are going to have a field day with the following tips! Get ready to have your phone blown up with notifications from her in no time!

1. Never over text her or send her messages more than 4 times during the day!

2. Send her poems or love cards every chance you get!

3. Don’t be too needy when you are texting her!

4. Ask her how her day is and show her you care about her wellbeing!

5. Send her funny videos at least once a day just to make her laugh!

6. Leave a day blank without calling or texting so that she misses you!

7. Don’t nag her about everything she does, give her a lot of space.

8. Play games with her whenever possible like would you rather or truth or dare questions!

9. Don’t be boring when talking to her or act as you own her!

how to make a girl miss you

How To Make A Girl Miss You In a Long-Distance Relationship

Trying to keep a long-distance relationship sparkling? Below are all the best ways to make a girl miss you in a long-distance relationship:

1. Call her regularly but not too often, you don’t want her feeling like you are stalking her or something!

2. Text her whenever you have the chance but make sure it’s not more than 4 times maximum during the day!

3. Show her you care about her by asking her about her day. Don’t be nosy, or act jealous!

4. Tell her that you need her in your life often just to remind her that she is precious to you!

5. Tell her jokes to make her laugh as much as you can. Women love men who make them laugh!

6. Be romantic and send her flowers or perfumes whenever you can.

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7. Always make her feel special by telling her how much she means to you!

8. Be playful whenever possible, this will make her miss every moment she is without you!

9. Always pay attention to her when she is explaining how her day went

10. Give her compliments regularly and let her know that you appreciate her a lot.

11. Always tell her that you love her whenever you can

12. Tell her that you miss her and that you need her in your life.

13. Always let her know what’s going on in your life to keep her engaged.

how to make a girl miss you

How To Make A Girl Miss You And Want You Back

I don’t mean to sound harsh but why did you leave her in the first place if you wanted to have her back in your life? We all make mistakes that cause us to lose valuable relationships, I understand but if you have someone in your life that is precious to you, try your best to treat them like a queen.

With that out of the way, here are some of the best ways to make a girl miss you and want you back after a breakup!

Be Busy Doing Other Stuff

One of the best ways to make your ex miss you after a breakup is by ignoring her for a while. Being too clingy or showing her that you can’t live without her is not the way to go! Simply try your best to stay busy by doing other important things in your life.  

This is the best time to take upon a new or preexisting hobby to help you keep your mind occupied.

Don’t Talk To Her Friends

This is one mistake you never want to make after a breakup if you want her to miss you or come back to you, never talk to her friends. Talking to her friends will make you trip and be tempted to ask for help in fixing your relationship. Every hurt requires healing time and talking to her friends will not give her the space she needs to heal.

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Make Her Jealous

If she really loves you and has a space in her heart for forgiveness, she will definitely not want to share you with anyone else. She may be hurt but if she loves you, she will come back after she heals, with that being said, you can hasten up the process by making her feel jealous.

Going out with other girls and sharing images on social media is a great way to get her running back into your arms. Just make sure you don’t cross the line with any of these girls that you go out with.

Become Mysterious

Another way to have her missing you after breaking up is by being mysterious! Not showing up for work, not going to places where the both of you used to go, not telling your or her friends what’s going on in your life, or not being seen in public are all ways of becoming mysterious and have her wondering!

If she is worried or thinking about your wellbeing, it will spark her feelings for you and make her want to forgive you faster.

Reactivate Her Feelings

After a week has gone by without her seeing or hearing your voice, she will naturally begin to miss you. Now is the time to actually pick up the phone and call her. You can also send her messages on social media or through her phone as well.

Make sure that when you talk to her, there is no pressure, simply ask her how she is doing, use humor to lighten up the mood, or flirt with her a little and she will begin to come around. You should also make sure to respect her feelings when you don’t get the response you hoped for as well.

Show Your Happiness

This may sound awkward but trust me, you will need to show her that you are doing just fine without her and that you are happy! Posting pictures of you enjoying your life on social media is a nice trick to have her back in your arms in no time!

You will also want to remove any old or sad image from your profile as well. If you are worried if she won’t see your posts, don’t be because 99% of the time, she will check your profile many times per day to see what’s going on in your life.

Don’t Be Readily Available

One of the worst parts about a breakup is the constant nagging feeling of what if! What if I don’t reply when she texts, what if I stop calling her, what if she sees me moving on! Don’t be tempted to show her that she is more important to you than life itself if you want her back.

Wait at least 30 minutes before calling or texting her back, you will need to show her that you are way more confident and emotionally dependent than you were before the breakup. Acting aloof will have her missing you more and get her thinking!

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