10 Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

10 Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

Have a crush on someone and wondering if he feels the same way about you? Well below are some of the most accurate signs he wants you to notice him help put an end to your guessing game. These signs are true for both guys and girls but for this post, we will be focusing more on guys and how they think, what they do and how they act when they are interested in someone.

Some guys are shy, some feel intimidated by beauty, while some have too much ego to admit or express their true feelings for a girl when they are interested. Some guys will approach a female right away while others tend to hide their feelings until they are confident enough to show it. Below are some of the best ways to tell if a guy is interested in you but too afraid to approach you.

10 Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

10 Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

I don’t care how much he tries to hide his feelings, if he likes you and wants you to notice him, his actions will definitely speak louder than his words! Trust me, you will know it if a guy likes you but just in case you missed it, the signs below will help you understand his actions if he wants you to notice him.

1. He Acts Nice When You Are Around

Have you ever come across a really nice guy or he seems to be overly nice when you are around? Well, no one can be that nice! He is simply interested in you but does not have the courage to say it to your face so he uses the oldest rule in the book, he acts as Mr, nice guy! This is your chance to make your move if you are interested in him as well.

2. Compliments

This may be one of the most obvious signs that he wants you to notice him or that he is interested in you because most guys won’t compliment a girl unless he likes her or finds her attractive. Simple words like “you look nice” or “you are really smart” or “I could not have done that better” are all subtle compliments that a guy can give a girl he likes.

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3. The Head Nod

I am really sure you have experienced this at some point in your life! You are sitting in a crowd and notice that someone is constantly looking your way, he does not have the courage to walk up and speak to you but continues to stare. You find it creepy but all of a sudden, he nods at you and smiles.

It’s just his way of saying to you that he sees you and that he thinks you are pretty. He wants to talk to you but still calculating your response in his head, if you find him attractive as well, it’s time to send a welcoming smile his way.

4. Always Around

If you are constantly bumping into him in the hallway, the elevator, around the curb, or at the coffee shop you can be sure that he is doing it on purpose! He has made it his mission to be around you every chance he gets. He wants to talk to you but still hasn’t worked out the courage to do so yet but he really wants you to notice him at all cost!

5. Flirts Openly But Subtly

This one is a no-brainer, if a guy likes a girl, he will flirt with her occasionally. But if a guy really likes a girl that he is afraid to approach but wants her to notice him, he will flirt with her subtly! Subtle flirting can sometimes go unnoticed and be mistaken for niceness though. Some of the subtle ways guys flirt are as follows: I am tired of being around all my married friends, I wish I had a girl to spend time with, what do you do in your free time? Are you single?

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6. He Looks At You

A simple peek here and there could be innocent but if you always feel his eyes on you even when you are not paying attention, it means that he is interested and wants you to notice him. If you catch him looking at you more than twice in a single day, it means that he is interested in you and is still trying to work up the courage to approach you.

7. He Is Suddenly Looking Good

Remember how he looked like a normal guy around the workplace or in the classroom? Well, if he is interested in you and wants you to notice him, he will start taking care of himself and make damn sure he looks his best! He will get a new haircut, change his dress code or maybe even start growing a beard! Trust me when I say, he will do his best to make you see him!

8. He Acts Jealous

If a guy likes you he will watch your every move and won’t take it lightly if he sees other guys trying to talk to you! In his mind, you are already his and he will act jealous when he sees you paying attention to someone else! A simple way to know this is by talking to another guy when he’s around. If you see him fidgeting, nervous, dropping things, or looking angry, these are signs that he is jealous.

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9. He Invades Your Personal Space

This is nothing creepy or anything but if a guy really likes you and wants you to notice him, he is going to be all up in your personal space as often as possible. He will know your routes, time your outing, and make it his mission to be present every chance he gets. Don’t worry though, as soon as he works up the courage to talk to you, he will stop.

10. He Is Nervous

This one is the oldest sign in the book! Guys really do act nervous around girls they like and your crush is no different! It doesn’t matter if he is overconfident or looks like John Travolta, if he likes you and wants you o notice him, he is going to be nervous every single time you are near!

How To Encourage A Guy To Approach You

One of the easiest ways to encourage a guy to put aside his fears and approach you is by simply making eye contact with him, adding a little inviting smile to the mix can really spice things up! You don’t have to be obvious if you are shy yourself, a subtle smile will do the trick. Another trick is to wear red! Study shows that red clothing and red lipstick stirs a guy up and resisting the urge to approach you will feel like torture!

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There you go! Now you know about the signs he wants you to notice him and how to send him encouraging signals. If you liked this post, please share it with your friends and also take a second to follow me on Pinterest & Facebook for more interesting facts and tips. I would also love to hear your thoughts in the comments below so don’t be shy to leave them.

Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

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