25 Real Psychological Facts About Love And Friendship

Psychological Facts About Love And Friendship

Imagine a world without love and friendship! Even thinking about it makes life seem bleak! It is impossible to go through life without having a friend or a loved one. Below are 25 must-read psychological facts about love and friendship that will blow your mind. Life is full of surprises and obstacles, not having someone to lean on in times of despair can very painful.

Yes true friends are hard to find and unconditional love is rare but there are signs to help you decide if you are in a real friendship or if your loved ones are truly sincere. The facts below will help you look at love and friendship in a whole new way.

Psychological Facts About Love And Friendship

Psychological Facts About Love And Friendship

1. Smoking Or Obese

Psychology says that not having friends in your life can be as dangerous to your health as smoking or being obese. With that being said, not having real friends or friends who will stab you in the back can be just as dangerous to your health.

2. Lasting Marriage

Marriage without friendship is impossible to last! Psychology says that it is literally the friendship aspect of a marriage that makes it last. Couples who are friends tend to make up faster when angry with each other and keeping a friendship strong in a marriage is 5 times more healthy than intimacy.

3. Reduces Stress

Psychology says that when you are surrounded by real friends, you are generally less stressed by everyday life. Remember that a stress-free life reduces the risk of high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, and other common illnesses.

4. Prolong Life 

According to this study people over the ages of 70 years were found to live 22% longer lives if they had a network of true friends. Simply put, if you have real friends in your life, you will live longer. Another study also shows that during sickness, people who were surrounded by friends were found to have a faster recovery rate.

5. Qualities Of A Lasting Friendship

Psychology says that there are 5 important qualities of a lasting or real friendship. Equality, mutual, personal, affectionate, and voluntary should be present for a friendship to be lasting. If you find that your friendship lacking in these qualities, it’s not a real friendship. The same goes with love, if all 5 qualities are not present, it is not real love.  

6. Productivity

Data shows that working along with a friend increases your productivity by over 7%! 

7. Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to being happy in a friendship, the quality of friends you have is far more important than the number of friends.

8. Love Destroys True Friendship

Falling in love with a true friend can destroy an innocent friendship. All love affairs or relationships can become toxic or may come to an abrupt end. Falling out of love happens and if it does while with a friend, it can destroy that friendship as well.

Psychology says that not having friends in your life can be as dangerous to your health as smoking or being obese

9. Feel the Same

Data shows that only half of the people you consider to be your friends actually feels the same way about you in return.

10. 2-3 Close Friendships

Data shows that to get the real benefits of friendships, you need to have at least 2-3 friendships at the same time.

11. Mutual

A friendship or relationship has a much better chance of lasting if both parties are getting mutual benefits out of the relationship.

12. 150 Relationships Or Friendships

Psychology says that the human brain is only capable of maintaining up to 150 relationships or friendships!

13. 2 Close Friends

According to psychology, when you fall in love with someone, you tend to lose 2 close friends!

14. Complete Trust

Psychology says that the human mind can only maintain complete trust once per person. Once that trust is broken, it can never be the same again.

15. Just Friends

Once you fall in love with a friend and a breakup happen, you both can never go back to being “just friends” again! If they do remain friends, it means that they are still in love with each other or never really were in the first place.

16. Make You laugh

Psychology says that the more attracted you are to a person, the easier it is for them to make you laugh!

17. Hate

Psychology says that when two people share the hate they have for another person, it will bring them closer to each other.

18. Argue

Psychology says that people will only argue with each other if they are interested in each other. The less interest there is in a relationship, the less they will argue.

19. Dumping

Psychology says that over 40% of women will consider dumping her boyfriend if her friends don’t like him. 

20. Out Of Love

Study shows that 1 out of 5 women have ended a relationship because their partner was too busy playing video games.

21. Best Friend Or Soul Mate

Research shows that throughout your lifetime, you will only meet one special person that you can talk to for hours and never get bored, say anything to and never get judged, and will understand you without you speaking a word. This person is your soulmate and also your best friend.

22. Childhood Friend

People who marry their childhood friends are less likely to get a divorce.

23. Lower IQ

psychology says that men who cheat on their partners have very low IQ!

24. Harder You Fall

Psychology says that the longer you hide your feelings for someone the harder you will fall for that person.

25. Prospect Of Losing

Psychology says that when a guy becomes aggressive over the prospect of losing someone he desires, it shows that he cares and wants to remain in a relationship with that person.


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25 Real Psychological Facts About Love And Friendship

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