25 Interesting Psychological Love Facts About Girls

Psychological Love Facts About Girls

Looking for some psychological love facts about girls to help you decide if you are in the right relationship? Well, here are some fascinating love facts about girls to help you put an end to your suffering. Girls are beautiful little creatures that are sensitive, gentle, loving, vulnerable, but they can be players as well.

If you find yourself in a relationship where you have to wonder if your girl is actually in love with you or not, the relationship probably needs evaluating. It can be quite difficult to recognize how a girl thinks or feels, therefore, you need to understand and pinpoint the signs that she is actually in love with you.

Psychological Love Facts About Girls

Psychological Love Facts About Girls

Men and women show similar signs when they are in love therefore it may be difficult to distinguish between the two. That being said, the following signs are researched specifically to help find out about girls in love.

1. I Love You

When a girl is in love with someone and tells him she loves him, she truly means it. She will move mountains because of him.

2. I Miss You

Girls are way more immature than women and usually, they don’t know how to control their feelings. A girl in love is like someone on a love drug, therefore if she says the words “I Miss You” you better believe it! 

3. Humor

Girls love to have fun and laugh as often as possible therefore they are attracted to boys that are honest and have a strong sense of humor.

4. Eyes

If a girl loves a boy and he stares her deep in the eyes, it will make her knees weak! 

5. Get To Know Her

Women are more comfortable with someone who tries to get to know her before trying to form a relationship with her. Girls are always self-conscious about themselves therefore, they are more likely to fall in love with someone whom they feel comfortable around.

6. Excuses

If a girl is always giving excuses as to why she can’t spend time with you or watch a movie with you, it’s time to hit the road because she is not interested in you or the relationship any longer.

Psychological Love Facts About Girls

7. Telling Her You Love Her

Telling a girl you love her regularly will build up her self-esteem and make her feel beautiful. Girls love being flattered, therefore, making her feel loved will win you her heart.

8. Ex Crushes

A girl’s ex-crush will almost always be in her mind while her ex-love will always be in her heart. If you want to be the one in a girl’s heart, try to be better than her ex-love.

9. Checking Up On Her

A simple text or a phone call during the day will make her feel loved. Girls love attention and if you want her to fall deeper in love with you, make sure you check up on her often.

10. Show Interest

Psychology says that when two people love each other, they tend to show interest in each other’s activities. Showing interest in a girl’s likes and dislikes will make her fall deeper in love with you.

11. Smart

Girls are way smarter than boys and they can sense your intentions from miles away. She will know right away if you have something else in mind so don’t try to fool her. 

12. Looks & Brains

Some girls fancy looks while others care about brains but know that all girls care about someone who will love and care for them unconditionally.

13. Talking About You

If a girl in love with you tells you that she was talking about you to her friends but won’t give you details, know that it was something really good!

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14. Silence & Cold

If you find that your girl is suddenly silent and has gone cold in the relationship, it’s time for you to move on because it means that the fire has gone out. Girls in love will always want to have a conversation, they will always show interest in anything you have to say. They will hug, kiss, cuddle, and throw jokes your way if they truly love you. 

15. Gifts 

Girls love men that are independent, strong, and ones that can provide for them. If you occasionally shower her with gifts, she will adore you and think of you as thoughtful and caring.

16. Confidence

Girls look for guys that are confident, this is because girls want to be the ones that are vulnerable, therefore they need a guy who will build up their confidence. If she has to build up your confidence, she will not trust you when it comes to protecting her.

17. Talking

Psychology says that talking is an important factor in a successful relationship and that if you make it a habit to talk to your crush regularly, she will fall deeper in love with you.

18. Flaws & Pain

If a girl really loves you, she will tend to overlook your flaws, everything you do is justifiable. This is why girls tend to stay longer in a painful relationship.

19. Fighting

If a girl really loves you, she will fight with you very often. Psychology says that a relationship without fighting shows that there is a distance between both parties.

20. Lips & Smile

Girls like to be complimented about their lips and smile, even though she may look away during the compliment, she is secretly enjoying every second of it.

21. High Pitches

If a girl finds you attractive or is in love with you, she will speak in a high pitch voice while men on the other hand tend to lower their voices when they find the opposite sex attractive.

22. Don’t Love Her Back

If a girl loves you and you don’t love her back, she will feel drained physically and emotionally because she is the one investing more in the relationship and not feeling loved in return.

23. Taking Advice From Her

If a girl loves you, she will really appreciate you more if you listen to her advice and actually use it. She will feel like an important part of your life.

24. Make It Happen

If a girl likes a guy and wants to be with him, she will make sure that it happens no matter the circumstances.

25. Proud

A girl will love you more if you show her that you are proud to have her by your side. Holding her hands in public and showing her affection when other beautiful girls are around will make her fall head over heels for you.


Now you know the psychological love facts about girls and hopefully, you have decided if she is really in love with you after reading this post! If you enjoyed what you read, please take a moment to share it with your friends and also follow us on Pinterest, Twitter & Instagram for more awesome posts.

Psychological Love Facts About Girls

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